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    Fantastic fish...great colors!!

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    I know this little guy isn't a trophy for most on here, but it was for me. My 1st rainbow ever and it was off the charts beautiful!
    My 1st "Red Band" Rainbow 14" My guide for the day, said this was a very respectable little Wild fish, for the area. I had a roughly 16" one on at the very end of the day, but got overly excited and broke it off. Not a bad day for not having touched a fly rod in 12+ years and then strictly a Bass fisherman. We had a 50+ fish day and I should have had many more, but my skill said! Magnificent fish for certain.

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    Penstock Lagoon, Tasmanian Highlands, April 2017, Gum Beetle

    West Branch Kiewa River, Snowy Mountains, Victoria, Australian, April 2017, Adams


    Ruby River headwaters, June 2018, Copper John
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    fantastic fish!!

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    A decent afternoon here

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    Got three guys around 12” to 14” this morning on the middle Provo. All of them had some really nice brilliant red stripes and dark spots on them. Then my sister in law called to let me know my dog ate some chocolate. While it’s a bummer my fishing was cut short, I’m glad the pup is ok.

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    Great photos and glad to here dog ok... my lad ate a whole whitman sampler.. and had a rough time

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    Last trout of 2018 for me. Got out one last time today with my father-in-law. Water was a little high, cloudy and very cold. But overall it was a beautiful day. We each landed one rainbow both in the 12" range on small beadhead nymphs.

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