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Thread: Eastern Steel

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    Morphius here yet again and i need some pointers. I got a 5-7 wt fly rod and reel for Christmas. The thing is is that i don't know what strength line i should use for backing. Also, some people reccomended 20 lb and i need some flies. Now, here in the east, our dry flies are few and far between and i need some books or anything. Thanks

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    I fish for everything from little stocker bows and big browns to bass, hybrid striper and even carp and 20 is all I use, I did put 20 lb gellspun on my striper rod to get some extra yardage. I may reget it if I ever hook into a 25 lb or bigger striper but I think it will handle it most our hybrid striper run in the 4-12 lb range but man they fight like a bulldog and run like a train.

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