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Thread: Winter trout in the North

  1. Default Winter trout in the North

    Getting all ready for my first winter of fly fishing. The three rivers out my front door are open year round, and I work nights once the snow starts flying. Any good tips, tactics and great stories?

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    Default Re: Winter trout in the North

    hmm sink tip, weighted flies and swinging.....?

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    Default Re: Winter trout in the North

    Welcome to the forum. It seems like you are in a nice fly fishing area. Good for you! Now you will have to adapt to your situation.

    I can't stress this enough. Learn the entomology of your streams and match your fly selection to it. If you can identify key bugs, you will have a solid handle of making the right fly choice. Your local fly fishing outfitter can help you out.

    As for techniques, you will choose a technique depending on the patterns that you will be using. If you are using some small critters, good chance that you will be doing a lot of nymphing. If you are using streamers, plan on doing a bunch of swinging. Again, your local outfitter can help you out with that.

    Enjoy your winter.


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