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Thread: hit the stream

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    got skunked yesterday like usual in the winter. lots of open water but no hits . still had fun and was practicing drfiting with eggs. saw a guide there with a guy and he said he didn't catch any there either. oh well always next time. he told me a few tips. to use oregon cheese colored spawn and such. heres some pix enjoy!
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    few more to show you how cold it is when we fish for winter steel. icy guides and even my army bdu top got wet on the bottom and froze stiff! lol. gotta love it!
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    Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing. Winter fishing can be difficult, but it sure is fun getting out.

    I got skunked the other day fishing the Roaring Fork near Carbondale, CO, the temps were really cold, but no wind. I have a pair of 5mm neopreme waders from my time in Alaska, they don't work worth a hoot in the summer, but they sure keep me warm during the winter trips.


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    thanks mcnerney I been itching to get out. its been awhile too! I had alot of fun. I got some neo's also for cold winter. my feet still get cold when wading after awhile no matter what I do. I just get out and walk around and stuff for a lil bit to warm up if possible. in the summer I use breathables. you will never wanna wear anything other once you give um a try! oh ya i found a great way to combat icy guides yesterday. cast a couple times and every 10 min or so take your rod and blow some hot air on your guides and it melts and falls off with a quick wipe. noone ever mentioned that one before. prolly cause its common sense.... haha
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    Totally envious of your getting out!! We're too far from our spring fed streams, and all our otherwise cold water is "hard" water now. Just biding my time looking at pictures, tying flies, building rods, and furling leaders. Boy, will I be ready come spring!!!

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    Nice! Winter FF'ing pics are my favorite. It shows determination.

    I was out on New Year's Day, and my guides iced within minutes. Last year
    was the first time I fished when the temps were below freezing, and I found
    that the flexibloe Ti guides on my Diamondback Aeroflex rods did not ice; the
    chrome guides on my other rods did ice that day, however. I've read that Ti
    guides (at least the ReCoil type) don't ice as much as chrome. My guess is the thinner wire, and also the slight vibration that can be heard while shooting
    line. The Ti guides do get a light coating of ice, but it falls off before growing
    into the mess I had last week on my chrome guides.

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    it was my 1st tiem out in over a month cause the rivers been **** lately. ya last time I went out before this I put some fly line cleaner on my line,leader and guides and never had a problem cause the ice kept slushing up and falling off on the cast. somehow this time my fly line cleaner was MIA! so icy guides it was. looks like the weathers gonna be **** this week and the rivers gonna ice again. it never fails!! lol.
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    It figures. The rivers around here get about right, and the weather turns cold. Next week it'll be way too cold. I'm sure the rivers will freeze. The Clearfork will likely be ok as it's a tailwater, assuming they close the dam. But fishing won't be much fun with the forecast temps below 20 and into single digits.

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    I know the fishing is tougher this time of year, but it's almost worth it because the crowds are as hard to find as the fish!

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    so the clearfork doesn't freeze? I never knew that. we were waiting for warmer weather like march/april weather to get out and try for browns. any tips or info would be appreciated!
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