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    Default CT in April - what flies to use?

    New to fly fishing and heading out to central CT streams in middle of April. Hoping I could get some advice on flies to use mid- April through end of May. Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: CT in April - what flies to use?

    Over the years I've fished nearly every trout stream in eastern CT and hatches can vary quite a bit depending on water quality, gradient, substrate, etc.
    Depending on where you go, there might still be black stones flies to start the season. Blue quills (few) and black caddis both smallish
    Then about a week later, my favorite hatch of the season. Henricksons! (sz14)
    Olives in sz18, maybe some March Browns.

    Second week of May if the water is down far enough I target my second favorite hatch, the Alder Fly (actually zebra caddis) but that's a localized occurrence.
    Elsewhere you might find Brown Drakes, Sulphurs (pale evening duns) and more olives

    For more generic type stuff, I wouldn't be without a few Hornbergs, woolybuggers in black olive and white, and I especially like soft hackles with bodies of peacock herl or fur such as Hare's Ear or muskrat.
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    Default Re: CT in April - what flies to use?

    In the early going, especially when fishing stocked streams, so-called junk flies -- mops, squirmy or San Juan worms -- are effective.

    If you're on the little blue lines, anything with a good profile will work -- deer hair sedge, elk hair caddis, Stimulator, Madame X, Humpys, Wulffs, and smallish Wooly Buggers (size 12 or 14). Those fish are hungry.

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    Default Re: CT in April - what flies to use?

    Thanks very much, looking forward to getting out there with my 2 sons. We have outings scheduled during April and May, one (TBD) near Glastonbury in April and the other (TBD) near Middlebury in May (we may go to Cornwall).

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    Default Re: CT in April - what flies to use?

    Rip Tide's advice is the real deal.

    If I get to the river and it looks like nothing much is happening, I'll usually be able to pick up a few on attractor nymphs -- Copper Johns, Rainbow Warriors, beadhead Zug Bugs or Princes, beadhead GHREs, that sort of thing. If there's an occasional surface rise but no obvious hatch, I'll drift the nymph under a size 12 Parachute Hare's Ear or Ausable Wulff.

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