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    Default Brown Trout Question???

    There is a lake near me with a decent stocked brown trout population. There is also a stocked stream that has some reproducing browns. The stocked section of stream is not far from the lake and even at low flows there seems to be a decent amount of water. I am not sure but I think the lake is stocked with a sub-species of brown that is bred to do well in lakes. Is there any chance that the fish in the lake would attempt a spawn up in the stream???

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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    I can't say for sure but its my bet that it happens on some level. I'de like to hear what others have to say but nature does what it wants.
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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    Browns require flowing streams to spawn, I believe all rainbows and cutts do too. Lakers and brookies will spawn in stillwaters. Not sure about Dollies and bulls. milt.

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    Browns that live in lakes will go up streams, rivers, and tailwaters that feed the lake to spawn. Here in western NC and eastern TN ( tailwaters ) it is time for the browns to move up and start there spawn. They started moving up about 3 weeks ago and are just getting to the sections that they will start spawning in. In the next week or so it will be full on spawn here.

    A good friend of mine fished the South Holston ( tailwaters ) and caught some nice fish. He told me the browns that have moved up are feeding hot and heavy getting the energy to start their spawn.

    I will be there starting sunday morning and fishing 3 days and nights straight. I will post pix of the fish I catch...

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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    Thanks for the response.. How long will they stay in the stream? Do the spawn and leave or will they stay in the steam for some of the winter??
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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    Quote Originally Posted by only adipose View Post
    Thanks for the response.. How long will they stay in the stream? Do the spawn and leave or will they stay in the steam from some on the winter??
    I dont know about stocked browns but native browns that lives in lakes here go to streams for spawning and soon as they do their job there they go back in lakes.Now then,lot of that litle ones that will be born in streams will stay in that streams for ever if there is enough food(space and other stuff) for them.

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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    Native browns will...not sure stocked browns are always able to spawnyou should ask Ard about it...he knows a lot about browns

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    Default Re: Brown Trout Question???

    Yes to all yor questions.Browns breed in streams Browns remain in streams
    Be mindful of the "Redds" when targeting your spawning Browns...cleared out ovals in gravel bottom sections of streams. From the size of a football,dinner plate,to that of a large pizza pan. Please dont target the Egg Layers..and if your fishing near the Redds and you catch a him/her quick. and ensure you've revived them.

    Just a thought.
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