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  1. Default Putah Creek, Napa CA.

    I'm heading to Napa for a meeting in April and want to fish Putah Creek. Anyone have any advice for me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene Mahn View Post
    I'm heading to Napa for a meeting in April and want to fish Putah Creek. Anyone have any advice for me?

    Dont wade (never fished it so not sure how easy this is). It is infested with snails, and have been spread to other quality fisheries. If you do wade, you can search "new zealand mud snails" to find out ways to disinfect them. The snails are really small and can live for weeks on out of the water on your felt shoes and waders. Kienes fly shop in Sacramento will have a lot of information on Putah creek, you can google them or just put a .com after the name kienes

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    Thanks, SF. I've fished Mammoth and environs much and am all too aware of the NZ buggers. Of course I'll be careful. I've just never been to Putah and don't know anything about it. Thanks for the advice. I'll contact them.


  4. Re: Putah Creek, Napa CA.

    I fished Putah Creek for about 20 years during the special fly season in the Fall and Winter,at the time it was 3 fish limit 10 inches and above,now I believe it is 0 limit barb-less hooks,I always released them so it didn't matter ,early Spring and Fall there are a lot of midge hatches small, size 20 to 28 colors grey, tan, green, black ,Summer a lot of Caddis hatches size 12 to 14,grey,tan,light green,drift like emergers,also pheasant tail nymph size 12 weighted small split shot 18 " above nymph and bounce on bottom across the rocks,any of the access areas are good the last parking area away from the dam is good during the Winter the stream splits away from the road, in summer it is to deep to reach but sometimes the water is low in the winter and the fish are untouched for most all year , be careful the water in some places is deep if you have a staff use it.try this and I hope you have success .

    have a good and safe day.

    Captain Wayne Valley Fire Service,Valley Springs Calif.

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