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Thread: Frog Water

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    Default Frog Water

    Fishing tail waters when there is no flow is a challenge. The fish are just cruising , sometimes in small groups, often rising for bugs and the trick is to break the code on what they are feeding on. U run the gauntlet of small, just below the surface bugs. Soft hackles, Griffins Nate, pulp a small Crackleback just under the surface and no joy.
    So now the subsurface presentations begin. Indicator with a scud midway down and a 18 red midge on the bottom. Bam , there they are. Picked up two in about 5 minutes.
    Frog water is often hard for me to figure out. Guess I don’t fish it often enough to remember the lessons.

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    Frog water is tough. Fish on tailwaters get hit hard and often and the slow even flows gives them all of the time in the world to analyze if an offering is food or fake.

    They are usually bug factories and hold amazing numbers of very healthy trout. At least in Eastern TN they do.

    It's usually excellent as the water has just dropped or until they and their buddies start to get caught a couple times. It's not impossible....but your offering has to be the right size, profile, and not too flashy. Beads or searcher patterns leave them in the truck. Thin tippet and long leaders are the name of the game.

    It took me a couple of seasons until I unlocked the secrets of tailwater trout tactics. Once you get it figured out's a lot of fun.
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