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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    Here are a couple Green River Cutthroats:

    Another view:

    Here is another nice Cuttie:

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    Larry Seems it is soon time for me to book a trip
    I think I fish, in part, because it’s an anti-social, bohemian business that, when gone about properly, puts you forever outside the mainstream culture without actually landing you in an institution. –John Gierach

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    Interesting to see the various strains of cutts.

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    Those are gorgeous Cutts Larry!
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
    "There's more B.S. in fly fishing then there is in a Kansas feedlot." Lefty Kreh
    " It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra
    "Your not old,you've simply acquired a patina." Swirlchaser

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    Weber River (Hennefer, UT):

    Lamar River (Yellowstone Nat'l Park)

    Soda Butte (Yellowstone Nat'l Park)

    Yellowstone River (YNP)

    --Matt H.

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    You've got to love the diversity of the Cutthroats that have appeared here since Dang Old King started this thread back in 2010. Sometimes I'm at a loss to put these beautiful fish together with the rivers or lakes where they’ve been caught. So from now on, if I post a picture of a fish, I'm going to try to make a point of including a couple of photos that will hopefully convey a " Sense for the place ", a short overview of the surrounding area to help put the areas where these creatures are found into perspective.

    Lahonton Cutthroat
    Pyramid Lake, Nevada
    May, 2014

    If you've been following the angling trends at Pyramid Lake over the years, then you're well aware of the lakes reputation for wild winter weather, surging wave action, the use of ladders or milk crates to elevate the anglers up and out of the frigid waters and to allow one to peer down the break lines into the depths, in hopes of spotting cruisers.
    It's not always that way, in fact during the early fall part of the season and late in the spring before the trout season ends at Pyramid, you can at times find very moderate weather, willing fish and with any luck the winds will cooperate.

    Remembering back a couple of weeks ago when I posted of our quick trip to the lake. Peggy found out as we were leaving Pyramid that day, that she'd won any new TFO rod of her choice. So this past Saturday with a forecast of sunny and 75, light to moderate winds, Peg wanted to get that new seven weight out and see how it would handle the shooting heads she selected for it and some streamers in the real world.
    Typically when we are roaming the beaches at Pyramid we don't fish in close proximity to each other, or anyone else for that matter, so holding large fish captive long enough for our partners to wade to shore, then cover the distance necessary to take a photo, is simply not part of the program. It's one way we pay our respect to these majestic fish and to our host's the Paiute people. Besides after thirty years of fishing Pyramid we've gotten our fair share of "Wall of Fame " shots.

    But on this day, I stayed close for the first hour, hoping that she’d knock the stink off of that new rod. About forty minutes into our day, she found what she was looking for, a great beach with an inshore trough and a wade-able outer sand bar with a deep break. A couple of cast later, Bingo !
    So I started snapping away at her playing it, with it and releasing it. Apparently the rod she chose, is a winner.

    ( Not a goliath for these waters, but a nice fish none the less. )

    Then it was time to split up and do what we'd gone there to do, go silent, go deep.

    For those of you who haven't been out to Pyramid in a while or who only know it as a lake of rolling waves, immoderate weather and fixed position fishing, I hope this shows the other side of Pyramid and what a late spring trip out there can have in store for you. Short sleeves, no ladders or milk crates a mix of sight fishing nymphs, indicator nymphing or as Peggy was doing when she stuck this Cutthroat hen, wading the sand shoals & stripping a shooting head system tipped with a streamer.

    ( A dust storm brewing on the north end of the lake. )

    On the Pyramid Lake we know, there are no line ups of fishermen, no rigs parked on the beach, it's entirely possible that you won't see another soul all day...
    It's just you the distant outline of your partner far from shore, scanning the azure waters for a large ghostlike silhouette roaming the sandy depths. These unique landscapes under a balmy western sky, the sound of the wind across the tufa outcroppings and sand bluffs, and of course the chance to encounter the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in it's historic home range. The way fishing and the outdoors are meant to be experienced.

    5 / 12 / 2014

    Here’s an update that pertains to the photo above of the Pilot Peak Strain Lahontan Cutthroat and it’s life history. She was carrying a floy tag aft of her dorsal and the information collected helps us to visually understand these fishes growth potential.
    Maybe you can make out that little wisp of algae attached to the floy tag in the picture.
    Here’s the feedback we received after turning in the anglers self report form to fisheries biologist at U.S. Fish & Wildlife Branch, Reno, NV.
    Note: I have redacted the info to omit the stocking location.

    This is a Pilot Peak Strain LCT.

    The fish was stocked on 2-10-2010 and was 7 inches.

    It was from our 2009 spawning season, so it puts this fish at a little over 5 years old.

    Fish always, Dave
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    Those are some solid fish, Joni!

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    Default Re: Cut Throat Trout Pics

    My trip to Colorado the first week of June. Had great weather but waters were still pretty high. Hiked up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and well.....


    Making the best of New Jersey, one fish at a time!

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