My 2019 trip is approaching in November and I realized I never posted a trip report from last year. Three of us went in early November, the bigger creeks were blown out the first couple of days so we stuck to the smaller ones and had one of the most productive trips ever.

We did 5 days and each of us got into double digits on several of those days. No new guys on this trip but one of our group had never touched a fly rod. After having a great day with his spin rod he decided to give the fly rod a try and landed several fish that evening and the next day also.

We have been doing the PA trip for several years now, I think this will be our 8th, and we always meet great people on the river. Lots of story telling goes on and everyone gets usually gets along great. We met some great guys from the Carolinas, West Virginia, Michigan and my home state Ohio.

One day I ventured up one of the small creeks and fished up stream of a guy from Michigan. There was a small dog hanging out and everytime I hooked into a fish he dove in trying to retrieve it. The guy from Michigan said the dog had been hanging out all day and part of the previous day. He was a nice dog looked well fed and had a collar but no tags. A little while later a couple more guys came up and commented they had seen the dog hanging out for the last several days. They also noticed a treble hook stuck inside the dogs lip. The guy from Michigan said he is a veterinarian and if we held the dog he would remove it. So 3 of us ended up holding the dog and the vet from Michigan did a quick creek side surgery. That dog hung out with us for the remainder of the day and almost went home with one of my buddies. If he had still been there in the morning he would definitely have gotten adopted.

Last story. The year before we ran into several Russian fellas, nice guys but seemed to be taking multiple limits each day. Someone at Poor Richards made a comment about that being a lot of fish for one guy in one day when we stopped one night at the same time they were getting fish cleaned. Last year we saw the exact same guys first at FishUSA and then the first couple of days on a small creek. Seeing a lot of the same guys on the creeks day after day we were hearing a lot of chatter about multiple limits. On one of the mornings we were asked if we had seen them, which we had not and were told DNR officers were looking for them. Later that night we stopped in at Poor Richards and ran into one of the DNR guys. He told us he had caught up with them, confiscated a bunch or equipment and handed out a large fine.

A couple pics of the dog and a few of the steelhead I caught. Nothing spectacular but we had a blast.

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