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Thread: Drift Rigs for Slamon

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    I read about fishing method for Salmon and Steelhead during their runs that uses a fly rod/reel spooled with mono line. Has anyone out there ever used this method, the business end is tipped with a slinky weight, a swivel, a bead and a Salmon egg hook.

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    Don't want to be rude but if you replace the fly line with mono and just add weight to the end, then what is the point of using a fly rod?

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    It's not a fly rod, it's a float rod you're describing. They're normally from 12 to 15 feet and freakishly expensive. What I think he's describing is center pin fishing, or float fishing. It uses a reel that looks much like a fly reel, but usually has no line guards, and often no drag. These reels are way simpler than a fly reel and usually cost much more. Go figure. The line these reels use is mono or braid, and usually floats. I use high visibility floating braid on mine.

    It's rigged up to float at roughly the speed of the current, presenting the bait to the fish as though it were adrift in the stream.

    You can learn more about it by searching for "center pin fishing" on any search engine.

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    I forgot to post this earlier. - Centerpin & Float Fishing, centerpinning, Centerpin Great Lakes Steelhead and trout

    The articles there should tell you what I think you want to know.

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    back in the late 70's and into the 80's we used fly rods and reels in that way, drifting nymphs and eggs..
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    you can use a fly rod i konw a few people up here in michigan that us amenisa with 200 yards of backing with a slinky but they have found out that it spooks fish so they use running line instead i have seen people catch many fish this way here is a link
    Chuck and Duck - Ugly, sure, but effective. - Global FlyFisher

    heres another
    Steves Explanation of Chuck-N-Duck & Indicator Rigs for Migratory Fish

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