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    Default big fish for a 2wt

    I was fishing a small stream that i like to go to for native brooke trout. They do stock this stream with other fish but they are always 12" or under. I was working a little hole that i like with a #14 wooly bugger i tied up (native brookies love the little wooly buggers) when i got hit by this guy. He went about 20-21 inches. I was really supprised at the size of this fish in such a small stream. It really gave the 2wt i made a workout!

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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    here are some of the natives that i caught as well.

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    nice fish!!! I got a 3wt. I love it! I use it for bass and gills. no trout around here.except steelies. use a 7wt for those!
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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    They are not brookies, but rainbows in the pics, so do you have wild bows or brookies.?
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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    Those are some pretty rainbows for sure. All nice fish.

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    I grew up in Boone and still fish a bunch of the creeks around there when I go home to see the parents. There are little native bows everywhere in a couple of creeks I know.
    Howards Creek has a bunch of little native bows with stockers mixed in. I dont know how there are native bows in these creeks but there are. Is it possible that stockers over the years that survived ended up spawning? About 15 years ago I had a creek I could usually catch a few nice native brookies out of, now when I fish it Ill be luck to catch 1.

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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    Nice fish, that had to be a blast!!
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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    Hm, I did think that they looked quite different from the stocked brookies (obvious)but i thought that maybe it was just a difference in the strain that they were using. They do look more like the rainbows but i just didnt know that they could reproduce, and they are obviously native fish.

    So whats with the blueish green dots along their sides? They almost look like a mix between a brooke and bow.

    Thanks for the information!

    That big rainbow supprised the heck out of me. It was a tough fight for sure.

    Jeb if you are ever in town let me know and we can do some fishing.

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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    Just FYI, Rainbows in North Carolina can be wild but they aren't native. Brook Trout are the only trout native to the East coast. Rainbows are native to the West Coast, Brown Trout are native to Europe, Cutthroats are native to the Rocky Mountains, etc. They can all be found in other places but they were introduced there at some point. Also, one way to tell a brookie from a rainbow or a brown is that the brookie has light spots on a dark background while rainbows and browns have dark spots on a light background.

    The big spots that you see (I believe) are what's left of the parr marks. I have caught wild adult rainbows like that with parr marks still showing in Whitetop Laurel Creek here in VA. Whitetop is close to Boone, so maybe this is the same strain found in both places left over from some distant stocking. Does anyone know of a strain of Rainbows that retain their parr marks?

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    Default Re: big fish for a 2wt

    They have the same markings here in AZ.
    This is actually a 99% Apache Trout and 1% Ranbow.

    Here is a Rainbow.

    From my understanding it has something to do with being naturally spawned.

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