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View Poll Results: Do you use a net & what type

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  • Yes I use a net

    37 34.91%
  • No net for me

    28 26.42%
  • I use a catch & release net

    29 27.36%
  • I use a deep net.

    3 2.83%
  • My net is a fine mesh

    17 16.04%
  • My net is a coarse mesh

    6 5.66%
  • My net is nylon or cotton mesh

    15 14.15%
  • My net is rubber mesh

    16 15.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Nets

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    I try not to harm the slime on the fish. Most often this is best accomplished by not using a net and keeping my hands wet and the fish in the water. Sometimes, though, a net helps by keeping better control of a fish with a difficult hook release or if fishing from a boat. Then I use a soft, knotless net.
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    I use an Orvis net...well the Good 'Ol USA

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    I don't usually use a net and try to release the fish by holding the hook,I only take a net(knotless and soft) when I can't do that,when I'm on a stream where I expect to catch big fish or when I go to a reservoir and I try to keep the fish in the water.I've seen many photos of fish and nets on this forum...and was surprised to see many which seem harmful...sorry to tell the truth...

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    Never used a net stream or pond/bank fishin'. Except for once in a private pond on a 3lb bass, but thats another story. On the other hand, boats and nets are synonomus for me. You can land fish quicker, which means less stress on the fish and, if used correctley, dosen't hurt the fish much if at all IMHO
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    Our team uses only rubber nets do to hooks coming out plus they don't hurt the fish while its flopping around...... we use fisknat custom handle nets.
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    I always fish barb-less hooks and prefer to release my catch at the water's level. Don't like to keep them from their home any longer than possible. Oh yea most of the time you can find my net in the car.

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