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View Poll Results: Do you use a net & what type

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  • Yes I use a net

    37 34.91%
  • No net for me

    28 26.42%
  • I use a catch & release net

    29 27.36%
  • I use a deep net.

    3 2.83%
  • My net is a fine mesh

    17 16.04%
  • My net is a coarse mesh

    6 5.66%
  • My net is nylon or cotton mesh

    15 14.15%
  • My net is rubber mesh

    16 15.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Nets

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    Default Nets

    Do you use a landing net & what type do you use if you do????

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    Default Re: Nets

    I'm using one of the deep fine mesh nets for wading, but I want to get one of the long handled rubber nets for the drift boat.


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    Default Re: Nets

    Generally I do not use one but if I fish my little brook for small native rainbows I use a small Brodin net because the little guys flop around too much to handle. For all other applications I just bring the fish in to really shallow water at shore and handle the release or the kill at that point.

    * All trout, char, grayling and steelhead are released but most salmon are harvested, that's what I mean by "kill".

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    Re: Nets

    I fish mostly saltwater and a little warm water and dont use one. It's just to exciting without one!!! I do have a pair of release pliers but rarely use them.

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    Default Re: Nets

    Hi FISHN50,

    Good idea for a poll. Thanks for giving us more than one choice. I think it makes a lot better poll.


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    Default Re: Nets

    Most of the time I don't use one but when I do its a fine mesh C&R because that's what I've got. I generally only use it for trout, and plan on getting one of the clear rubber mesh ones for next year so my tandem rigs aren't constanly getting hung in it.

    Most of my fishing is either done for bass, panfish, or saltwater species, so a net is not normally practical.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Nets

    Rubber Mesh.

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    Default Re: Nets

    I almost always carry a net in the canoe, and on the back of my vest.
    It gets used for fish that won't come to hand easily, and for big bass that
    would prefer to dive under the canoe. I have the fine mesh C&R type, but
    would like to get a long handle (wood) net for the canoe. I try not to take pics of just anything I catch, and try to get the fish unhooked and on its
    way without lifting it from the net. Panfish do not get netted .

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    I have a fine mesh net I use, but I would like to have one of the coarse rubber ones. They look like they work great. Too expensive for me right now though. I got my net for like 15 bucks at SW.

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    Default Re: Nets

    I use one of those Norwegian collapsible triangular-shaped nets that have a telescopic handle which I bought several years ago up in Moose, Wyoming when I first got back into fly-fishing. It came with a fine nylon mesh, which I replaced with a black rubber netting. However, that added too much weight for the wading I use it for, so then replaced the netting again with Brolin PVC "ghost" clear netting, which seems a lot like the black rubber but is a lot lighter. Really like it!

    FISHN50, Great poll!
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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