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    My first as caught in the Costilla river near Taos, New Mexico. Me and my dad hired a guide and were wading upstream. The guide showed us how to search for trout and on his first cast landed a 10" Cutbow (huge for such a small stream). I hooked a few; but they all threw it within a few seconds.
    Then, our guide pointed out a riffle behind some tree roots. I could barely see a pink line running down the side. He said it would be the biggest one caught today, and it was. There was no room for error.
    Of course, clumsy old me got a bite; but was to slow to set the hook. Second time around, though, he took my dry mayfly pattern and I hooked him real good.
    He fought for about a minute and as soon as the guide netted him, the guide said, "YA IDIOT! You reeled into your leader and damn near broke him off!"
    But we were all happy that I landed that 14 incher. About as big as trout in that stream got.

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    My first trout was a rainbow (maybe 10") pulled through a hole cut in the ice of Chatfield resevour outside Denver. I was 7.

    My first trout on a fly was 8 years later. Pulled it from a run in Shell creek...up in the bighorns, Wyoming.

    My first TROUT was caught on the Flathead River in Montana a few years later. 22" Bow swinging a streamer in 1981. I've got a picture of this one...its a slide like most of the photos taken by my family back then. Someday I'll invest on making those old slides digital.

    I've got lots of firsts in fishing...I remember each one.

    good thread!

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    Didn't start fly fishing until into my 20's, so my first trout I caught on a spinning reel trolling, I recall it being just over a pound or something like that. My first rainbow on a fly came the very first time I tried fly fishing- a 17 inch rainbow caught on a woolly bugger. I've been hooked ever since, and the woolly bugger remains my favourite fly!

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    I had to really think about this one. I was probably ten years (1945) old and we lived in Central California. My folks and I were on a day trip to the mountains. We stopped at Huntington Lake for lunch. I always fished on these trips but never caught any fish. I would get my Grandpa's bamboo fly rod and dad's wicker creel. I loved wearing that creel. It really made me feel like a fisherman. There were some big rocks that I was standing on and fishing a salmon egg. Caught one Rainbow that was about ten inches long.


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    White River in Arkansas; I had been out 8 or 10 times with my Bass Pro Shops combo rod/reel and had yet to see a trout. We were sent there by the man at the fly shop with a little plastic cup full of grey scuds. I don't remember the actual first, but I remember there were three of them that day. Rainbows (though I wasn't even sure at the time what kind they were, all I had ever seen was trout pictures!) about 6-8 inches each.

    My first TROUT, since we are throwing that into the mix was a 19" rainbow that I caught in a little creek about 15 feet wide in the slow wide parts. There were some trout sitting in the current with some suckers. It was July, we came on him from upstream and saw him; about twice as large as everything else sitting in that current. Cast big grasshoppers, caddis, ants, and then moved on. On the way back upstream to go home, I freedrifted a size 22 yellow midge nymph about 2 inches from his nose. He gently turned his head and opened his mouth just a bit. It was about a 5 minute fight on my little 3 wt.

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    My first trout was also my first fish. I took it up to Mount Lassen, CA to try fly fishing for the first time. I was on a non-private section of the Hat Creek using an Adams I don't remember the hook size.
    I remember the fish taking the fly. I got excited since it was my first hit. I jerked the rod tip up and pull the line at the same time. The trout flew out of the water, it went over my head and landed about 10 feet behind me.
    My wife began laughing pretty hard. I thought she was laughing at what just happened. But instead, it was the fish. My first trout was only about 3 or 4 inches.
    I guess a 9' - 6wt rod will do that to any fish that size. Or maybe it was because I got too excited.
    There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.
    -Jim Croce-

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    My first trout on the fly was on a bright summer day on a small stream my grandfather used to fish. There were three trout on the rise in the shade under a tree. I had no idea how to cast, but managed to get the fly upstream of the trout. A nice 9" brown came out to look at my pale evening dun as it drifted by. Then it turned around to go back to its feeding spot. Halfway back, it changed its mind and came back and hit my fly. It may have been the dumbest trout in the stream, but I was still ecstatic.

    Hooked for life.

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    Unfortunately there are no trout waters anywhere near where I live.
    The DNR stocks a local lake with hatchery rainbows ever spring. Most people go after them with prepared bait, worms, or corn on a hook below a bobber and a spinning rod to toss it out.
    Last year I discovered the fly rod and a #14 hook with a waxworm on it was very effective. Cast it out and watch the line/leader very closely because that unweighted presentation fluttering through the water really gets their attention.
    Limited out most days in less than an hour while the same people that were fishing when I got there were still fishing when I left. Wouldn't suprise me if I don't see more fly rods there in the future.
    BTW - they are a blast to catch on the fly rod, even a 10-12" hatchery rainbow puts up a good fight on the 3wt.

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    There was no trout, at least that I was aware of, when I was growing up in the South.
    My first trout was on the Odgen River in Odgen, Utah, about 100 yards north of Rainbow Gardens restaurant.
    I had been fly fishing for several weeks but hadn't caught anything. I had tons of strikes on my orange thingamabobber but nothing on the fly. A friend of mine and I were trying to figure out fly fishing and happened at the Odgen River and saw a guy catching trout left and right on a fly. When I asked what the fly was he told me a "freshwater shrimp." I couldn't find a freshwater shrimp anywhere and no one could tell me what it looked like.
    My wife bought me a cheap fly tying book and I saw some scud patterns in it. I bought some grey and red thread, grey hackle, and some hooks. I clipped the hook in a hemostats and used a wood vise to hold the whole thing down to my computer desk. I tied a red headed, grey scud.
    The next Monday my friend and I dropped by the Ogden River. We fished for several hours but caught nothing. I tied on my grey scud and on my third cast hooked a 12" rainbow trout. I wasn't trying to work the scud or anything I was pulling my line in to cast again.
    My second trout was a brown I caught at a Boy Scout camp here in Northern Utah. I tied on a brown wooley bugger and tossed the fly out in the water and started stripping off line to cast. When I went to cast I was surprised to find a brown trout stuck on the wooley bugger.
    Those two fish have led me to a kewl hobby. Late last year I decided to see how many trout I could catch in one day, no matter what the size or species of trout. I caught 72 in about 4 hours on a fly I made up called the Sexy Chironomid. Talk about matching the hatch. I went home with sore shoulders. It was a memorable day because when I missed one strike all I had to do was wait for another one. Trout were hitting the fly while I was lifting my rod to cast, trout were hitting the chironomid feet off the shore. It was a crazy day.

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    Oh,great thread It was 30 years ago but I remember like that was yesterday.My first trout was 10 inch rainbow,most beautiful and strongest creature on the EarthIt almost pull me in to water ( i was 6 years boy with spin rod ).
    Couple years later on summer school break when we was visiting my aunt (she lives in village) ,i sneak out from my parents eyes,'borrow' rod from my 12 years older relative with 3 wet flies and ran on the near by stream.I knew where the stream is and that my relative used to carry me(pick a back ) to that stream since i was able to walk ).But never before did it on my own.Elders used to fright me with stories how i can get lost or how some animal can get me....Well,i forgot every tale after i saw running water.I dont know how many hours i was absent but i got my brown trout on yellow fly with dun hackle ....
    p.s. all village look for me,and after i proudly came back home with my trout i got beaten like never before
    p.s.s. every school break and weekend since than i spent at my aunt house ...

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