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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    I can't remember what my first trout was, although I haven't ever caught one on a spinning reel nor have I tried. I will have to ask my father, and I'm sure that I would have a picture I can scan. NE Iowa doesn't produce many very large trout, but man do they fight nicely!

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    My first trout worth remembering was caught when i was about 7 or 8, on a red wiggler and hook, with a Zebco 202 reel and dont remember the rod, but think it was the match to the reel. It was a 18 inch rainbow. My step-dad thought i was snagged up again until it blew out of the water and then the fight was on. I landed it with the help of his net. Oddly enough i caught it in the same area i fish today. I know there is a picture somewhere, but odds of finding it are pretty remote.
    my first trout on the fly was in 09, a few miles downstream from the above mentioned fish, and caught it on a PMX that I was bouncing off of the face of a small cliff. 16" brown.

    Great thread!

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    Small native Rainbow on the Swiftwater Creek in Mt. Pocono, PA; got him on a dry dropper rig at the foot of a small waterfall. Not much more than a handful fish, but I still remember it clearly.


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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    13" brown trout on a size 16 light Cahill on the upper stretch of the fly-fishing only section of the Housatonic in CT. I had missed landing some smaller fish on the Furnace Brook trib earlier in the trip, so I was pretty excited to say the least.
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    Talking Re: what was your first trout like?

    Caught my first at Eldred Trout Preserve at the age of six. Used a solid glass rod with an old baitcaster loaded with Dacron line . This was the same rod I used to catch winter flounder in the bay with my family.
    We were on a family vacation staying at an old hotel in Yuland , N . Y. and my father seeing me catching blugills from when I got up tlll nite time felt it might be a good thing. Being the only people at the pay to fish preserve the owner gave us the tour. Taking me personally to one of the ponds he pointed out a huge ten pound brown and proceeded to put a salmon egg on my hook. Before I could swing my bait to the fish my father had me by one arm and the owner by the other guiding us not so gently to another pond. Being a kid not really knowing what was transpiring between my Dad and the owner I was very happy when I got a 16 inch brown out of the new spot. Years later I realized how happy my Dad was especially since he was paying by the pound.
    What I thought was my first fly rod trout came several years later when the local mill pond got stocked by the state for the first time. The pond was close to the beach we went to so my Mom dropped me and my buddy Dan at the pond with our new rods . After flailing away for what seemed like forever I told my buddy that we should fish the outlet creek that fed into the bay. I had saw something in Outdoor Life mag about big trout going into saltwater. . Well we dappled our black Gnats in this little outlet creek and man we caught a bunch of 6 and 7 inch Brookies on the fly. Man I couldn't wait to get home and show my Dad! So when my father opened my creel to see my beautiful little brookies I was a little surprised when he shook his head with a funny smile on his face. You see we had caught a bunch of big spawning killifish a baitfish used in fluke fishing not brook trout!
    After all this I finally did catch my first trout on the fly on a Boy Scout trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Caught a bunch of pretty little cutthroats at ten thousand feet to the delight of the other kids on the trip who were totally sick of dehydrated camp food. Only thing is my rod was a sapling and my line came of a spool of mono as we were not allowed to bring any fishing equipment on the backpacking trip with the exception of line and hooks . Caught those cutts on a Royal Coachman cast from a nice STICK!
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    " It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra
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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    Pohopoco Creek near Kresgeville, PA... just upstream of the old bridge at Koch Road... sporadic risers on a perfect September afternoon... took an 8-9" rainbow on a #16 Adams Irresistible casting straight upstream to a knee-deep run licking an undercut bank. Duped three (3) browns that day too along with a pair of chubs (Fallfish).

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw that head come up to take that fly... I've been getting that same feeling every time, ever since.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: what was your first trout like?

    my first time was wetter than I expected, and I didn't last very long... oh wait, trout!

    Fishing salmon eggs for stocked trout in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada when I was about 5 or 6. My dad hates fish! I would make him help me out, but he got sick of it fast. Nobody really mentioned catch and release back then, so I killed them all with a whack over the head. Then my mom made me eat every last one... I still like trout, but it was rough eating trout every night for a week when I was a kid!

    The first time I ever saw a guy fly fishing was at that camp. One of the staff guys was just killing it on dries and had a very stuffed creel full of stocker rainbows. Perhaps a defining moment for me, although I did not start fly fishing for some 25 years later. I always remembered how well that guy did compared with all of the other anglers that were using conventional tackle and bait.

    I finally found fishing again around 30; I had always been fascinated by angling, and needed a good way to get outside that was more relaxing than rock or mountain climbing. I guess the desire was always there, but I had to get out on my own to make it happen. I hope to have kids some day and to teach them how to fish and be out in nature.

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