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Thread: Wild Water TR

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    Well got up this morning with plans on fishing the undesignated stream all day. This plan changed after I fished it for about an hour. I didn't see a single fish, nor spook one. If I hadn't ever fished the stream before I would swear up and down it was sterile. So I then headed further up the mountain to another stream, when I got there it was 25 degrees with gusts of wind up to 45 mph's.... not the ideal conditions for fly fishing. I managed 3 bows all day between battling the iced up guides.

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    At least you got out..That in istself is worth the price of admission.
    Nice Red tail too.

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    Man, that last trout is just beautiful. The way the parr marks are like dots instead of bars. And the colors are just beautiful. Lots of girth for a 7 inch trout too. I'd love to fish that stream.

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    Chris: Great report, now you have a feel for fishing in Wyoming in the winter! Lots of wind and COLD! Great looking fish, congrats!


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    Great report and pics....flyfishing makes us mad...that's why we fish in such conditions

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