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    Default Re: Bugging for signs

    When I was a newbie on the Madison, I fished during the Golden Stone hatch which is begins in late June and goes through the first half of July. Since I fish after the 4th of July to avoid most of the crowds, the fish are attuned to the Golden Stone.

    I was a novice and fished a lot of attractor dries and the Royal Wulff was a favorite.

    What I found was that the Grizzly Wulff or Yellow Humpy worked better. If you like attractors, give these two a try in early July.



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    Default Re: Bugging for signs

    That's interesting.....flashback time.
    To me Humpies are flies from when I started as well, before I could grow a real beard...ha.
    The Royal Humpy was my go to bug for many years, until I came to the T, and started guiding.
    Here it didn't match our bugs, and I realized I was using the lucky fly approach to fishing on this water.
    Now I think of the yellow ones as general attractors, for Caddis or Mayfly.
    I much prefer a tie specifically for the golden stones here, or any other fly form for that matter.
    The stones ride very low with a flat wing.
    I doubt I could get away with a Humpy for bigger fish shopping stone flies, they shop too hard.
    When I do fish them as Caddis, I trim the hackle off underneath, they ride higher than the actual bug. Then I soak the tail with water to get the right look, and just grease the wing.
    You know how it is, accuracy counts as fishing pressure increases.
    And we have that.
    Thanks for a tip/memory.

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