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  1. Default Erie, Pa Steelhead Trip

    Last week I spent the entire week in Erie fishing for steel and had a great time. Been doing this for about 13 years now and I do not think I have ever seen so many fish in the tribs. They tell me that Erie had a rough winter with the streams staying frozen longer and they had a near record snowfall - perhaps making for a larger spring run. Anyway - just though I'd post some pics for your enjoyment.

    Early Morning on Elk Creek

    An Elk Creek Steelhead

    Fishing over steel

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    Looks like an awesome place to fish!! I have never been steelhead fishing i usually stick to the salt. a few more pics like those and i may have to do a road trip.

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    Default Re: Erie, Pa Steelhead Trip

    Great Pics! Fishing has been awesome this year...


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    wow, i really have to try that sometime

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    pictures like that, will make drive across the state to fish

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    u should live here its the best it only takes me 5 min. to get to the streem

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    Great pics -- thanks for sharing -- and great fishing too -- I'm always surprised by the number of Canadian anglers know about and use Steelhead Alley compared to Americans -- just awesome fishing
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    Default Re: Erie, Pa Steelhead Trip

    Now that's what I like to see!!! Look at those fish hanging out! I wish I were there Steely. It's been months since I've seen anything like that but the times coming around real soon.

    Thanks for posting your photographs they are wonderful. I used to fish there myself and loved it.


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