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  1. Default Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Dry Run

    Mar 22-24. 2020

    It has long been on my list. I have wanted to take my young boys to the legendary Dry Run Creek, a small creek off the Norfolk Fishery flowing a short distance into the confluence of the Norfolk River. The waters are treasured, and the fish are protected by special regulations limiting the access to children, and disabled adults.

    With the insanity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, our daily patterns were abruptly altered. My wife and I found our kids at home rather than school, as the world works to gain a foothold on the spread of the virus.

    With a few days off, following a prolong stretch in the hospital I decided that we would make lemonade out of lemons. I called to confirm the conditions and business as usual. I shared my plan with my father who, although is not an avid outdoorsman, was intrigued and wanted to go along as well.

    I headed out to Bass Pro, to pick up some equipment. I bought both boys their own set of waders. A bonus discount of 20% sweetened the deal.

    After confirming with my wife, we were booked.

    A friend of mine lent me an older TFO Professional 5wt 9ft with many miles, so we would have a spare “just in case”. This rod would later meet an untimely demise as it was introduced to a ceiling fan.

    We booked a small cabin at Gene’s Trout Resort, and the next morning we packed the car and headed to Salesville, Ar. The 200-mile drive passed quickly with lively conversations from my children and my father. Their outlook on life is refreshing and I am often surprised to learn about what worries them, as it is often much different than what I feel like I focus on. It is their outlook that brings balance and clarity, keeps me grounded.

    Arriving just after noon, we headed straight to the creek. The weather was cool but comfortable, we were greeted with overcast skies. As we briefly looked along the creek we were greeted by ever so frequent rises, increasingly more frequent.

    The boys (age 7, 8) got into their waders. I rigged the three poles. I had little expectations other than multiple knots and lost flies. As we descended down to the Creekside I prayed for patience.

    The fishing was slow. But surprisingly the boys got the feel for high sticking through the ripples and pools. I heard the first holler…. I cringed as I looked down the river to see either my father or son falling into the creek… but no… I looked to see the rod bent and a fishing jumping. After a brief struggle, the trout spit the fly. My dad and son both stood stunned.

    It was the reaction I was hoping for. We stayed on the creek until dark. The first day ended with a few small rainbow trout in the net, with much more lost in the fight. The boys were thrilled, and we stayed up a little later that first night talking fly fishing.

    The next morning, we got dressed and headed down the road to the local fly shop (Two River Fly Shop). The COVID-19 has the town shutdown, the local businesses are feeling the effects of less foot traffic. After speaking with the owners, she gave us about 20 good flies and some information on rigging ideas. We headed back to the creek to try the new techniques/flies.

    Within minutes of being on the creek, the line tightened, and my 7-year-old had a beautiful rainbow in hand. A few minutes later my 8-year-old was yelling “fish on!”. The morning we had fish after fish, the boys got better at getting them to the net and our netted percentage increased as well.

    My eight-year-old using a double rig… a hare’s ear followed by a ruby midge 14 inches down… surprisingly pulled in a rainbow on the hare’s ear nymph and a brown on the ruby midge… two fish on the line. Unbelievable for sure.

    We pulled them away from the creek reluctantly to grab lunch at ta local dinner. Restricted to carry out only, we ate at Norfolk Café and enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger & headed back to the creek.

    We focused on another section of the creek and utilized a jig type mop fly in chartreuse, we spotted a rather large rainbow. I guided my 7-year-old as we worked the fly down the stream in front of the large rainbow… the trout never moved but in the crystal-clear water the bright fly disappeared…. The hook was set, and the fight was on. The ole click/pawl screamed as the fish took more line. The old trout was smart and tossed the fly but not after dancing across the water on his tail a few times for good measure.. My son’s jaw was left wide open.

    Figuring the section was spooked we moved down a little bit, then before us before a large stone sat a large brown in the slow water. We watched the flow and identified his seam. We then placed the mop fly a few feet above him, and let the current do the work. The large brown turned his head as the fly approached, and the fly disappeared. This time we were ready. After a coordinated effort between my father and I, as well as the excellent fly line management by my youngest we were able to get the large brown in the net. Measuring 22” it was large, healthy male. After a brief photo, he was safely released. We all watched as he swam off downstream.

    The last day we woke up and packed up. A last-minute stop at Two River Fly Shop seemed appropriate. I thanked her for her time and recommendations. The boys recounted their triumphs. I purchased a beautiful 5wt 9’ moonshine rod drifter to make up for the broken TFO Pro for my friend. I have eyed this rod outfit for a while but being the first time, I have seen it in the wild, they are nice looking rods, and the extra tip section certainly would have come in handy!

    After 2 days, and many knot tangles we headed home. The trip was great. We enjoyed the 200-mile trip home, enjoying the conversations and recounting the highlights on Dry Run creek.

    Lodging: Gene Trout Resort
    Trout Fishing | Resorts | North Fork River | Gene's Trout Fishing Resort
    Guide Service: None
    Fly Shop: Two River Fly Shop
    Two Rivers Fly Shop - Norfork, AR - Guided Fly Fishing Trips

    Thanks, Daniel

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Enjoyed reading your report. Great smiles on your boys! They're hooked.

    Thanks for posting,
    "As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler" ...Izaak Walton

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    A wonderful post this one!

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Priceless experience for you and the boys!

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    What a truly great post. Great to see the youngsters on the water.

    Thanks for the report


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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream


    I think you know this already but I want to say that this is a trip that your boys will remember their whole lives. You have given them a priceless treasure. I took my sons to fish in Yellowstone when they were young, and that memory is precious.

    Well done and thank you for sharing those photos of your two wonderful sons.

    There is nothing better in my opinion than seeing two additional fly fishers to carry on the tradition. I am of the age that I do not have that many years left but I am glad that I am still here to near witness to your son's fly fishing trip.

    All my best to your family.


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Fishin' with the boys, catchin' fish, and beauts they are, having some good take out meals, smiles and laughter, nope, you aint ever going to beat that.
    The only thing human kind ever learned through history, is that through history, human kind has learned nothing.

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    Thanks! They had a great time!

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Nice post! Some mice looking fish too. Kids must have had a ball!

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    Default Re: Dry Run Creek - A Boy's Dream

    Outstanding post and very inspirational during these tough times. I can see myself doing this with my grandkids. Love the waders. Beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing. SR

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