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  1. Default First dry fly trout this year!

    I was fishing a local small stocked creek today. They didn't stock in the last couple weeks, but still some trout there.
    I usually use weighted woolybuggers or weighted nymphs or sometimes tinys with a split shot a foot above.
    I caught a little brown on a weighted HE and I saw what I thought was a tiny chub rising for midges.
    I seem to only use my 5wt 9'er with Sharkskin anymore. Even with splitshot I can put the fly exactly where I want it. Rollcasting is easy with high floating line and a 9' rod..... so is mending! I was worried about the fight with a heavy rod, but even a 10" trout puts a full bend in my Sage Fli.
    Anyway, I tied on a #12 Joes Hopper and put the fly where the fish rose. Wow!! beautiful brown grabbed the top water and jumped like a champion. I caught a few on drys today...... the most wonderful time I had fishing this year.
    The water is still a little high, but tomorrow will be perfect.
    Getting my stuff ready, I checked the internet for some tying info on a caddis or maybe a BWO.
    I saw some "nuclear" modern flies...... and I must say how easy they are to tie.
    A little CDC on a hook and a cut piece of foam makes a fly look like a drake and I know the silly thing won't sink.
    I really hate to keep putting on Gink to make the fly float. And all the false casting...... only to have to fly go under when the drift is wrong.
    I tied some beauties for tomorrow. Size 16 to a DragonFly stimulator!!
    If they float like I think they will, I'll attach a two foot piece of 2lb tippet to a 18 BH Hares Ear.
    There is simply no more fun to have fishing then fishing with a dry fly.
    That's as good as it gets IMHO!

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    Default Re: First dry fly trout this year!

    Sounds like you had a great time, congrats! Dry fly fishing can certainly be a lot of fun, especially after a long winter.


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    Default Re: First dry fly trout this year!

    Great stuff, somehow casting on target to a rising, getting a good drift and then a take -- well, is just magical.

    Sounds like you had a great day.


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    lucky you! no trout round here but steelhead and they don't take dries. I got to drive a few hours to get to some brown trout rivers. might try it this year tho! I can't wait!
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    Make me want to get out ASAP. I am planning on a trip to a local stream this week just to wet my fly line. Wish me luck.
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  6. Default Re: First dry fly trout this year!

    Me again!
    I caught over a dozen trout today. Also four small chubs. Practice makes perfect!!
    1- All the talk in my first post about foam body drys....... they simply stink!! I tried something new, and the trout around here won't touch them.
    2- I was using the wrong dubbing. Now all I use is "dry fly" dubbing that is permanently waterproof.
    3- I went back to my 8' 3wt with 6X. With 16 and 18 dries, the smaller rod works much better.
    No float problems today.
    2lb mono tippet, thin wire dry hooks, floating dubbing and some Gink. Today restored my confidence with Gink. That stuff is pretty good.
    90 today, but this stream is shaded by trees and the water is cool. Very comfy with breathable waders and shorts under them.

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

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    Nice info guys.......

    No luck with foamer dry!

    Dropping hoppers and crickets locally......14" Brookies to 22" Browns. But mainly tossing gingers and gordons. Alders on the dropper, or a PT Nymph.

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    Default Re: First dry fly trout this year!

    You have to love getting trout on dries!

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