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Thread: New tying tip

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    Default New tying tip

    I came across this on another forum & thought it was worth posting.....

    "Here's a tip for applying a small amount of thin CA (super glue)

    First make the tool, it only takes a few minutes. Take a sewing needle and grind off one half of the eye with a dremel tool, and deburr it with a small fine file. You now have a 2 pronged fork. Drill a suitable hole and glue the pointed end of the needle into a 5" or so length of wood dowel for easy handling.

    Stick a small section of masking tape on your workbenck and put a small puddle (1 or 2 drops) of thin CA on it, this will be thrown away when you're finished. You can now pick up a very small amount of the glue with the needle-eye fork and apply it where required very precisely and neatly. To clean unused glue off the needle hold it in the flame from a lighter for a few seconds and it burns off, then just wipe the needle clean and its ready to use next time.

    With this method you can apply very small amounts of CA, an amount roughly equal to 1/20th or 1/30th of a normal drop. "

    Another way that I use is to heat & flatten the tip of a needle & by tapping the tip with a ball peen hammer's round end you can both flatten & put a slight curve in it. It will pick up a little more head cement than a pointed needle but you can still control it & put your head cement right where you want it.

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    Default Re: New tying tip

    Good one. Thanks for the tip. Definitely going to make one. My wife just handed me a needle. Well explained too.

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    Default Re: New tying tip

    Excellent tip. I always tend to get too much on my Zap-a-gap connections too. (Not to mention my fingers) Going to try it.

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