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    This is a simple one to answer.Use some brown yarn and tie in the same shape as the pellet.

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    Default Re: Feed Fed Trout Question

    I'm sure many things would work, hopefully our new member will find a place to fish where a more conventional approach will be in line.

    I recommended the hairs ear because the fish will probably take it and the new fisher will have the pleasure of catching fish on a known pattern.

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    I use to work at a large state run trout hatchery.
    The guy that pulled the overnight shift, alone , was a bit.....mmm...different.
    He liked to go out and feed 'his babies' after they'd been stocked.
    Not all of them. Only ones that were stocked in places where he felt they wouldn't be able to find enough food on their own.
    I can assure you that these fish not conditioned to taking only trout chow.
    That was just a supplement to their natural diet.

    While at the hatchery, I ran a pay-to-fish program at some ponds that were stocked with oversized fish.
    We'd get groups of kids in sometimes that for whatever reason needed some help
    I'd go around with a bag of feed and chum for them
    I'd throw in a handful and have them toss a dry fly in the mix.... any fly of the right size worked.

    Part of my job there was to check fisherman's lures and flies to make certain they followed the strict 'no bait' rule.
    I saw a lot of pellet imitations.
    Unless these were scented, such as a chunk of (illegal) power bait or a slice of scented plastic worm, they were not as effective as a regular imitation of a natural trout food.
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    Default Re: Feed Fed Trout Question

    Hi Rip Tide,

    That is some good information. Thanks for posting it.


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