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Thread: miramichi salmon?

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    i started fishing salmon late in the season last year, and after catching my first salmon im hooked. im just wondering if anyone knows when the salmon start running in miramichi. im itching to go but its a 3 hr drive and would hate to drive all that way if there were no salmon in the river yet.

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    I used to live in NB and knew a few people from that area. I would contact local tackle shops (maybe try Fredericton outfitters and anglers) and guide services in the Miramichi area.

    Edit: for what it's worth, the salmon haven't arrived here in Northern NS yet. Don't know if it'd be any different in NB?

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    Hi booya,
    Salmon fishing on the Miramichi starts on April 15 for Spring Salmon (Kelt) and in June to October 15 for the brights. Last year the fishing was great with lots of big fish. I spent two weeks at the Country Haven Lodge. The best pools, great guides and awesome hospitality. And they don't charge to much. The Lodge offers also a salmon journal on Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing, Outdoor Vacations, whale watching and travelling Tours at Miramichi's Country Haven Lodge and Cottages in New Brunswick Canada
    Take care

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