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Thread: TN trout

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    Default TN trout

    I'm working out my one and only vacation this year - 6 hour drive and camping so not too expensive, but I just wondered if anyone has been to TN smokey MT's for trout and how it was? I'm more interested in the Rocky Fork Creek area as I was planning on fishing it and camping in that area.
    Anything interesting you want to share would be great - I'm seriously looking forward to the MT sceenery!
    Should I be worried about bears?
    Any weird laws I should know about?
    Anything you might know that you care to share (even if you just want to tell how your trip was) would be great. Not looking for where or how to fish - I'm sure I'll catch some fish, but I'm going for the whole experience not just the fish.


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    Not familiar with that system but most of the creeks i fish up here in the mountains are pretty small. The Fish like small beadhead nymphs i like to use a thing-a-ma-bobber as an indicator. Use a lot of hare's ears and coper johns in copper and in red.

    One of the best tips i can offer is to watch your back cast! Lots of laurels and they like to snag you up.

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    There are beautiful places to fish all along Highway 441 and the Deep Creek Trail. The Rocky Fork is awesome. They are just tiny fish, browns and rainbows, but up above the first few sets of falls it's all brook trout. But the makeshift trail alongside the creek is in constant contact with the water, so it is easy to get access when you find a good stretch.

    Are you planning on backcountry camping? I know there are tons of bears there, but I've never seen any. The scariest I've seen are lots of copperheads just chilling under vegetation.

    I would camp backcountry if I were you. Lots of rednecks at the Deep Creek campground. Beers and yelling all night.

    Last summer I fished Sahlee Creek above the park. Among the best brook trout fishing in Appalachia. I think it's closed to fishing now inside the park but I'm not sure.

    Above Cumberland Gap NP on the Kentucky-Virginia-Tennessee border is the Shillalah Creek WMA which I feel is the most beautiful brook trout fishery in all of Appalachia. It is an incredibly demanding hike with remarkable scenery and very technical fishing. You can rent a cabin or camp inside the park backcountry. You won't see a soul. I've seen bears there. But from a far distance. They scare pretty easily.


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