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    Today I fished a "Fly Fishing Only C&R" creek with my Superfine. All the rain we got recently, so the water was still a little stained.
    I met a guy tonight who owns 2700' of creek front property right where I was fishing!
    I have found that most fly fisherman are polite, educated guys that think just like I do. Wonderful evening, we talked about everything that has to do with trout fishing. He also fishes a Orvis rod!!
    From 7pm until dark, I landed 11 browns and 5 chubs while he landed 5 browns. I caught on a 16 Tan May Fly while he got his on a 12 Green Drake.
    Tomorrow, I'll get a big shipment from Cabelas with new wading felt bottom boots and lots of tying stuff. CDC feathers and Dubbing Wax are hard to come by in York, PA!! LOL
    I'm taking the fly fishing serious now and I need the new stuff to tie the super flies.
    Another wonderful day fishing! I'm falling in love with these little trout streams right here in PA....... and OMG there are quite a few pristine cold water creeks in central PA!
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    Another great report!

    And yes nothing is better than catching wild trout on ultralight gear and dry flies

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    Richard...your post and excitement remind me of my favorite fly fishing quote from John Gierach I believe (as I saw it on someone's FF post moniker): "The truth about Fly Fishing is that it is beautiful beyond description". I once told a coworker at work when I was talking about my day off the next day....that the anticipation of heading out to a stream is the only thing as an adult that makes me feel the way I did as a kid on Christmas Eve (of course selfishly awaiting my pirate's share of presents). She responded that she wished she had something that made her feel that way. Which leads me to my own conclusion and quote....I feel sorry for people who don't flyfish.

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    It is great to read a report about someone thrilled about fishing. I got out two times this year. The first was to a small stream and it was excellent.

    The second was a short trip up north. Good post!!
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    Jonathon A. Waske

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyRichardFly View Post
    I'm falling in love with these little trout streams right here in PA.......
    I'm with you FRF, my favorite fishing is when I've located one of those small PA streams off the beaten track, have trekked a mile or so up into the headwaters, have rigged up a nice 3 wt. and am fishing for native Brookies with tiny dries and with absolutely no one else around. Torturing Sir Thomas More's designation a little bit, for me it's "Fishutopia"!

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    everyone should have a passion in life.

    fresno, ca.

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