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Old 04-23-2008, 03:50 PM
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Post We Need More Fly-Fishing-Only Rivers (Flathead Beacon)

Before all the non-flycasters get excited about the headline, I should say that I like all kinds of fishing, not just fly-fishing, a problem that has made my life a constant struggle against poverty. In fact, I have more spinning and baitcasting rods than fly rods, and probably use them more, too.

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Old 04-23-2008, 08:36 PM
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Default Re: We Need More Fly-Fishing-Only Rivers (Flathead Beacon)

I do see where some problems can and do exist between fly anglers and spin anglers but I think it is only fair to ask yourself how you would feel if they started designating Spin or Bait fishing only areas and did not allow for fly anglers to use the resource in those areas as well.

Regulations are great tools when it is for managing the resource and keeping populations healthy and strong. However I don't think regulating social issues to appease one group of people ever solves a problem.

In Montana we have been dealing with the issue of the Forest Circus rewritting their travel plans for the forest. It has been a very heated and controversial process where the small vocal minority has slammed their ideas and wants down the throats of the greater majority. I do agree that motorized use does not belong in all areas of our public lands, but they are basically taking away many traditional and historical areas that have always been used by the motorized recreationalist. It has been spearheaded by a Forest director who dislikes anyone in the forest, except for those who choose to recreate in a manner she does. The public was granted several years to add their input and the director choose to implement her plans without taking any of the heated meetings and thousands of hours of peoples time and letters that were submitted by all users of the forest.

I am not a motorized user but I am also not a hiker who wants peace a solitude everywhere I choose to walk. There are millions of acres of wilderness area and a little place called Yellowstone Park that is the neighbor to our local national forest. This gives those who choose silent recreation plenty of options to escape the motorized users and to enjoy their public lands in a manner they see fit. The motorized users are losing many of the areas they used to recreate and are now being forced into a smaller area where their use is going to show greater affects of their use because of more people in a smaller area. When the discussion comes up at the bar, a TU meeting or among friends I always bring up the same question I asked above. "I wonder what would happen if they made certain areas for only motorized users and hikers and mountain bikers were not allowed to use those areas." I think you would see the quiet users throw a fit and stomp their feet like a three year old in the middle of a tantrum.

I think we all need to just relax a bit more and not pass judgement on others because they choose to take a different approach to being outdoors.

Just my .02!
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Old 04-23-2008, 10:29 PM
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Default Re: We Need More Fly-Fishing-Only Rivers (Flathead Beacon)

Why would we want to make fishing exclusive too only certain people? Lets face it fly fishing ain't cheap. a "budget" 9 weight will be around $150. I know some people who love fishing but can only use spinning gear cause they can get it cheap. when they go to one of those fly only rivers they get pissed off.
It gives fly fishers bad name by saying we are better then others because we can fish here and you can not. and some rivers would be worthless for fly only because there are some fish that are harder to catch on a fly like sturgen or 70lb salmon. I love my non fly fishing rods (not baitcasting cause it is to hard) it is pretty cheap gear but it gets the job done and i can use the same gear almost any where without changing lines leaders rods and reels. my family has 3 fly rods and 3 fly reel we have 8 spinning rods and 10 spinning reels 2 bait casting rod/reel combos and we use those more than the fly rods because in winter when the river is gushing to fast to wade into we use our other gear. and again "fly only" what does that mean i use to tie some flys to my spinning rod add some weight and go "nymphing". and be too hard to enforce fly only.
this is long
I am still only 15 so i may not understand fully so please point out the **** of what i just said
wynoochee or wynoochye?that tis the question
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