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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    Great thread Fysh...The most important item to me is a PFD, and it should be on you. I took an early April swim a few years back and by the Grace of God I'm still here typing, when I went in the drink I grabbed my throwable cushion; the PFD is on me now. One of the CO2 inflateables is pretty comfortable and it will save your life.


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    All items listed are good,
    but no one mentioned a fishing pole and gear other than watson
    and maybe a power bar to munch on

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    The 'Wag Bag' is a great addition to the list. I have a pile of them stuffed in a bucket under the front seat of the boat. Still haven't had to use any of em, but it's nice to have them aboard if needed.
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    Time to bring this one back to life to see if anyone can add fresh idea's to it.

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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    I will towing my, new-to-me, first drift home one these days next week. So this is an interesting thread for me. Thanks for reviving this John.

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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    Lots of good things mentioned in here including a SPOT locator.

    SPOT is good, but I like the two way communication that is available with the Delorme InReach satellite message system. I have been using one for over a year now. It has worked flawlessly in many very remote mountain locations. It's a good way to stay in touch and let family know where you are, and if they need to contact you they can. In an extreme emergency you can signal for search and rescue.

    DeLorme inReach - Two-way satellite text messaging, tracking and SOS anywhere in the world

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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    In an emergency or life threatening situation what works better than the Spot or the Delorme (Iridium) device is a PEPIRB or Personal Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. Which is a miniaturized EPIRB using the same systems as the larger devices used for commercial vessels and airlines. These use the Inmarsat system of satellites and the COSPAS/SARSAT system is monitored by the NOAA MCC in addition the Satellite signal is backed up by a UHF radio band that is monitored by commercial vessels and airlines.

    In my opinion Spot and the Delorme device is fine for and actually better for communicating with your family in a non-emergency situation.

    The Spot GEN3 uses a proprietary satellite system that allows you to send a predetermined text message at prescribed intervals and also has an emergency option that will send a predetermined message back to a monitoring company called GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center. Spot also offers a phone with test messaging now.

    The Delorme product uses the Iridium satellite system in the same way except you can also text personalized messages to family and friends. You can also buy an Iridium phone which uses the same system as the Delorme unit and it allows phone calls as well as text messaging however it is a higher cost.

    Both Spot and Delorme use GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center which is a private company modeled after COPAS/SARSAT. Spot and Delorme when activated provides your GPS coordinates and information to GEOS who then contacts local response teams - for example contacting 9-1-1 responders in North America and 1-1-2 responders in Europe who will then contact the appropriate emergency team close to your area.

    The technology in use for PEPIRB products from McMurdo, ACR and others (with those two being the leading ones) are in use by USCG and are required on all commercial vessels. These are meant for one thing only, saving lives and getting an accurate fix on a device in a minimum amount of time.
    In most situations your potential rescuers would know where you are in 16 minutes or less.

    I can tell you from experience that the PEPIRB (COSPAS/SARSAT SYSTEM) is extremely fast. SPOT and Delorme (Iridium) can and do experience delays in canyons and in heavily forested areas. For another thing the EPIRB radio signal is also monitored by airlines so you do not always need a satellite overhead to get your signal out.

    I actually carry two devices when fishing, boating or hiking. An Iridium Extreme Phone and a PEPIRB. The former for contacting friends, work and family and the latter if I am in a extreme life threatening situation.

    One thing to consider when buying these products is what are you buying them for and how much do you want to spend. The PEPIRB needs to be repurchased every 5 years or have their batteries replaced at a qualified center. The other products use off the shelf batteries.

    EPIRB has no subscription cost you register it with NOAA for free. Spot and Delorme require a paid subscription to have service. Please ensure your subscription includes the Search and Rescue function which is or has been an additional charge.

    Don't mean to hijack the thread but, thought this was good info to pass on.

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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    Great thread idea John,

    With summer upon us, many of us will be trailering our boats near and far. Getting there is half the battle and getting home in one piece is always a plus. Weíve all seen boats sitting on trailers, abandoned on the shoulder of highways.
    A lot of those instances could be avoided by a little pre trip preparedness and well lets face it, something as simple as keeping your wheel hubs out of the water during the launch and recovery.
    Since I tow across four states to fish sometimes, here are a couple of things that come to mind that are on my trip readiness checklist.

    Is your tow vehicle up to the challenge?
    When was the last time you had your brake, transmission and cooling systems serviced?
    Ability? What does your vehicles mfg say about it towing capacities. Can it tow your boat over all the mountain passes it needs to and if necessary, hours upon hours of desert driving?

    Walk your trailer before travel day.

    How are the tires, tread and sidewalls and check the pressure.

    Do you have with you, tools for every fitting on the trailer.

    Pack along a roll of paper towels and hand cleaner.

    Before you head out on the road, are you lights working.
    Most motorist have no idea just how much boat is hanging off the back of that trailer and absent brake lights, bad things can happen.

    Spare light bulbs, brake, turn and side markers.

    Check the tie down and winch straps, if theyíre worn replace them.

    Check safety chains both bow and tongue.

    Check over the coupler.

    Do you have a coupler lock.

    Spare tire, tread, sidewall cracking?
    Check its mfg date and replace if needed. Is it properly inflated and if you donít know for sure, match itís bolt pattern up with the wheels on the trailer. ( youíd be surprisedÖ)

    Will your tow vehicles jack work for lifting the trailer.

    Bring along an electric air pump, just in case.

    Bring along a can of puncture sealant. Iíve lost more than one tire at a time running over debris, puncture sealant and a pump are often enough to get you down the road to a service station.
    Yes, youíll have to take it slow and limp along for a short ways. But it beats the heck out of leaving your boat unattended alongside a highway. Especially if itís got gear in it, that wonít fit into your tow vehicle.

    When was the last time you lubed the bearings? If you donít know for sure, it only takes a jiff to do it.

    If you're traveling long distances, you might want to consider packing along a spare wheel bearing kit for your trailer ( contact the trailers mfg, theyíll be happy to sell you one or two. ) Keep in mind, that the service station out at the junction of nowhere and sundown, might be glad to do it, if only they had the right part.

    Carry a grease gun and a tube of the right grease for your bearings and you might want to consider something ( a plastic garbage bag works nicely ) for it after use.

    Does your autoís or boat insurance, or automobile association also cover towing the boat. Some plans donít and while theyíll tow your vehicle to a service center, youíre boat will be left out on the interstate. So itís a good idea to check.

    Hereís one guys seem to forget out here, just like your auto registration, make sure you have your boat trailer registration too.

    Make sure your traveling partner has a set of keys and carries them at all times, to both the tow vehicle and all the keys for the trailer & boat, coupler, spare tire lock, storage compartments, etc.

    Ö.and double check that you havenít forgotten a couple of sets of drain plugs for the boat.


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    Default Re: Important stuff!

    All great ideas, but how about a hot babe so when the fishing gets slow.....
    "God created Police Officers so Fireman would have heroes"

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