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    Default 1st Time on a Drift Boat

    A buddy and I are going to Ennis, MT for 6 days of flyfishing this July. We decided to splurge and get a guided drift boat trip on the Madison River one day. Both of us are prolific fly fisherman but neither have been on a drift boat. I have two questions:

    --does the fisherman in the front of the boat generally get the first shot at a given hole? And then the fisherman in the back hits it next as the boat drifts?
    --when a fisherman hooks one, does the other fisherman need to reel in or can he keep fishing?

    Hopefully nobody will drown on this excusion, although we will be taking a couple of dry towels. Thanks for the replies.

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    Default Re: 1st Time on a Drift Boat

    I don't think the front fisherman necessarily has an advantage, but if you think that might be the case one way to even out the odds is to change positions at lunch time. Usually, the guide will provide a lunch and pull the boat over to the side of the river, which makes for a good opportunity to switch positions if desired. The rear fisherman should keep an eye on the front fisherman's line when casting so you don't overlap fly lines. The front fisherman should be fishing from 1 o'clock to abeam of the boat. The rear person can then fish the remaining water. If the front fisherman has just cast then the rear fisherman can cast slightly ahead of abeam and still stay out of the way of the front fisherman's line. In ideal conditions, the guide will try to keep the boat drifting at the same speed as your flies resulting in extremely long drag free drifts. When one person has a fish on, the other person needs to pay attention to where the fight is ensuing to be ready to lift his line to avoid tangles, but not necessarily quit fishing just because the other person has a fish on.


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    Default Re: 1st Time on a Drift Boat

    First off enjoy the trip...The guide will explain the program to you; don't be afraid to ask questions...Remember to take care of the guide at the end of the trip...


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    I uploaded a show in January, which happens to be two guys fishing the lower Madison river in a drift boat, with a guide. The show is old (originally filmed about 10 years ago) so the conditions, fish population etc are probably inaccurate, but it does feature exactly what you will be doing.

    Sport Fishing On The Fly - Watch Full Episodes - Series 6 Episode 19 "Lower MadisonRiver"

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