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Thread: landing Net for my Drift Boat

  1. Question landing Net for my Drift Boat

    Good Day,

    I have a Hyde drift boat which I use to travel many of the rivers here in SW Michigan. I fish for everything from Bluegill, to Steelhead, to Salmon & everything in-between. I am looking for one of the newer "Rubber" type of landing nets, especially one with a longer, or extension handle that I could use for a variety of fish. I have seen a few nice long wooden handle ones & even a few aluminum ones, but not sure what would be best.

    If any of you may have some suggestions I would appreciate the help. I do not wish to spend a Ton of $$, but don't want something that only lasts one season.


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    Default Re: landing Net for my Drift Boat

    Many guides I know use the JTA Enterprises Measure Net Guide Net. It is a telescopic aluminum handled net. The stock model comes with a mesh net. That runs $75. If you want to use a rubber net, that can be purchased separately for $32. The nets are easy to replace.

    I have seen one of these aluminum handled nets break. This was from a guide who is on the water three days a week. He broke his after three seasons worth of use. He immediately replaced his broken one with the same model.

    If you want a wooden handled net, the Brodin Excalibur Ghost may be the way to go. The Ghost series of nets uses a lightweight clear rubber net. That runs $165.

    The Ghost nets are very popular right now.


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    Default Re: landing Net for my Drift Boat

    Hi tie one on,

    Here is a picture of the Brodin Excalibur net.

    This net is expensive at $165 but I wanted you to see the net. A regular black rubber bag is heavy and no fun to use. The Brodin Ghost bag is the best net bag to use that I know about. We are lucky that Brodin sells the Ghost net bag with out a handle. So if you find a handle you like you can measure the inside circumference of the bag loop and see if one of the Brodin Ghost bags will fit.


    Brodin Ghost Net Bags
    Ghost Bags

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    Default Re: landing Net for my Drift Boat

    I love the classic look of a wooden net, but I chose the aluminum handled rubber mesh boat net. A friend of mine has a very nice (well it used to be nice) wooden boat net that has been beaten up pretty badly from laying in the bottom of his boat. Gotta take good care of em.

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    I sold my Brodin "Frying Pan Ghost Float Tube" net after I got a large telescoping handle "Measure Net". I got the optional rubber bag for it too.

    The wood net was cool looking, but I really love being able to tell at a glance the length of a fish. Plus the MeasureNet is very light, has a nice foam nonslip grip and collapses for easy storage.

    MeasureNets are cheap and the name takes a lot less time to type, too!

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