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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Quote Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
    My advise? Go trout fishing in Montana (or pick your destination) and ask the guide if you can row while he fishes. You might get a discount. Even if you don't it will give you few hours on the water with a good (or good enough) drift boat and you'll have a coach there to help you learn how to use it. Just a thought.
    Good call. Don't know where our poster is but the upper Rogue River here in So. Oregon is one of the best 'training rivers' going. From the Hatchery to the first take out (Skip "Casey") there's only a couple of places you really have to pay attention. Lots of folks run this section of the river in rental rafts. Just stay away from the beach tree lines!
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  2. Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Going trout fishing in Montana might be hard. I go to Montana with all these plans of I'm going to fish here this day and hit that river the next and then end up spending every waking second sitting on the Clark fork with my buddy going for pike. Pike really become an addiction.

    But I hear ya, and before I ever pull the trigger on a drift boat I would go get a guided trip in one. If nothing else it would be my excuse to go on a guided trip.

    I'm in Orovada nv. Middle of no where that no ones ever heard of. I'm only thirty miles from Oregon, but 8 hours from the Medford area to hit the rogue

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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Not crazy at all, you won't be buying a drift boat for still water... you will simply be purchase a boat. Technically the "type" of boat is defined by usage. Also, most drift boat manufactures craft each boat individually and I would take that craftsmanship over a machined aluminum/fiberglass boat which most are. The only issue you may run into is if you try to navigate Erie or Ontario in a Hyde.
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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Quote Originally Posted by amertens View Post
    Thanks guys! Looked at the gheenoe and the adirondack guide boat but they both look very similar to the canoe I already have. I'm gonna look through the tinboats site for ideas there on what I can build. That might be a good wintertime project anyways.

    And if I were to go mod v or bass boat I kind of have my heart set on a lowe.

    I understand the limitations of the drift boat and the effort it takes, but I'm also the guy who will get bored and go out and row around for an hour just for the hell of it. I like the rowing aspect. Just never done it in something that will turn as quickly as a drift boat.

    Lot of pondering and wishing to do here.
    I understand, I feel the same way, rowing can be very addicting!
    If you get a drift boat, taking it out on a lake will help you get used to how the oars work in relation to making the boat do what you want, that is what I did, took it out a few times before I put it on a stream. Then I had Davo from the forum and Fysh and we did a float on the upper Green, Davo rowed us through the rock gardens and then let me row on the easier stretches givng me instruction as we went.
    I'm not sure how far you are from Pinedale, WY but if you want to drive out, I'll take you out on some easy stretches of water and teach you how to row. There also are some good YouTube videos on rowing, plus both Clacka and Hyde sell DVD's on rowing.


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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Small pond in southeast Idaho:

    Works great. 'Nuff said...

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Quote Originally Posted by amertens View Post

    My only other option I was thinking was to do a large Jon boat and build casting decks and storage into it, but I'm not sure about the stability of that setup.

    Opinions please!
    I'm actually in the process of my jon boat mod. I have a 1648 (~67" at the rail) flat bottom that I am outfitting for river fishing. I haven't had it on the water yet, but the guy I bought it from said it is really stable. He said he could stand on the rail and it would not tip (he was pushing 300). I will find out in a week when I finally get it on the water. I still have some work, but at least I'll be fishing.

    Yea, the members on tinboats are really creative, and it is pretty amazing what people do to their jon boats.

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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Ive taken a drift boat on still water and in Northern Nevada, on Frenchmans and Davis lakes which are in California but are popular destinations from Reno. It works fine the only thing that can get a little rough is rowing with wind on the lake, so if its blowing anymore than 10 MPH I would not recommend taking a drift boat onto still water, because of this I WOULD NOT buy a large profile boat. Low profile is a much better choice, but still gets blown around a bit. There are other places to use a drift boat near Northen NV, Lower Sac, Trinity, and the Fall to name a few.I dont know if theres a ramp a Knott Creek but I bet you could use one there.

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    Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    If you are looking for simple and light, seriously consider the half canoes by Radisson.

    You can't sink them because of the foam lining. Knelling isn't painful. Closed cell foam lining deaden noise transfer into the water. They take trolling motors well (50 ft/lbs is a bit much). I have a 12' and can stand in it with good stability in still water because of the width of the flat bottom. I'm 5'10, 160 lbs and don't have problems loading it on the roof of my car. I think there seat upgrades and the like too.

    Down side is that 2 people fly casting is interesting... you cast, I cast, you cast.... other option which is good when working weed beds is one person drives the other catches a few and you switch. They are stable enough to move around in like that.
    I'm currently out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message, and if you would like to reach me by phone, please hang up now.

  12. Default Re: Am I crazy for wanting a drift boat for still water?

    Ahhhh you mentioned knot creek... If you are a knot creek patron like a lot of the folk that travel out there, the banks are lined with dead fish. Err were a couple weeks ago. No run off so no fresh water, pretty sure nothing survived this year. It will be awhile before its going to be the famous knot creek again.

    But yeah, I was looking at the low profile or the skiff's Hyde make, I have no need for a high side.

    Does anyone have any experience with Ro boats? Is the storage on board that much better? It looks great but just wondering if its functional?

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