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    Quote Originally Posted by 802flyfish View Post
    Has anyone used the Sawyer Swuaretop X shoal oars ?

    I see they make the full carbon weave as well. Didn't know of the X lined isneorj it or if there is any advantages..

    We are currently running a set of the square top shoal cut dynalites. They feel incredibly light to row, however the BBW is a light girl, I definitely feel like the angle to the water is more important with this than the standard blades I have used.

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    My Boulder came with Sawyers all wooden oars and they work just fine, Used the Cataract oars on my raft and they were so light compared with the Carlisle's that they were a real joy.

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    Default Re: What oars are you running?

    When I bought my new Clacka Eddy I bought the square top wooden Sawyers with the carbon fiber covering the shaft, they are so much better then my old counterbalanced Cataracts.

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