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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my FlyCraft, but I got a hell of a deal on it when they were doing their Kickstarter. It's amazing how easy it is to fish standing up in it.
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    Thanks for all the info. Lots of things to consider now. Another boat that I've found is the 11 or 13 ft. Stealthcraft. It's an actual drift boat and the 11 foot seats two and is 120 lbs or something. Price is actually less than the Flycraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 802flyfish View Post
    If you can only swing 2,500 I would buy a RMR storm and put an NRS frame on it. That would be a nice set up for a single/double fishing rig. RMR are made out of very durable material and would take a hell of a beating. I've seen people throw them in back of their pickup truck or strap them to the top of their Subaru. You could float some really skinny water all the way to white water conditions. Where do you plan on using the raft?

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    Looked over the raft you posted. I like the drop stich floor. The great thing about DS floor is that you float higher in the water and the raft will be more responsive compared to a traditional I-beam floor. However, i didn't see any info on the material they use for the raft. RMR storm is roughly 10.5ft and seems to be a popular choice for fisherman. There plenty of threads and pictures out there of different set ups. Good luck.

    RMR with or without a frame would work well for your purposes and price range. I fished out of one while in northwest Montana awhile back and was pleased with its performance.

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    Saw a couple options this year at the Midwest Flyfishing Expo in Detroit. Made in Michigan, Stealthcraft has an inflatable they call the Hooligan. Awesome raft, but almost as pricey as the Flycraft. Another Midwest company out of Ohio by the name of SmithFly has a very nice raft they call the Big Shoals Raft. A lot of cool options and right at $3000. Both would be great skinny water boats for a couple guys and lots of gear.

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    There are just an amazing number of choices nowadays.

    Have you tried any of these kind of boats yet? If not, I'd suggest trying to find a way to use one before committing to a purchase. Are you going to use the boat by yourself? If so, are you going to try to fish while floating downstream? That's a bit of a pain as you may be trying to use your feet (and fins) to control yourself while you're fishing.

    Also, keep in mind how easy it'll be to get in and out of the boat. A pontoon or u-shape that doesn't have anything to block you from getting out is much easier than stepping over a tube. Seems trivial until you're in a spot with slippery rocks and a steep dropoff underneath you.

    If you're going through actual rapids, then I'd suggest placing safety at the top of the list. Things can go wrong very quickly on a river. I had a few close calls as a kid which was the only way for this lesson to sink in for me. Safety means getting a raft that's more than capable for whatever you're going to find yourself in. And always consider using a rope to walk the raft through sections that you're not sure about.

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    I've had a fishcat 13 for 10 years and have loved it. It's my backup/small stream boat now but it is awesome for 2 guys to fish and very easy to maneuver. If a pontoon isn't what you're into then disregard but they are sweet boats. I've gotten tons of enjoyment out of mine and taken it down everything you can float in Colorado.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 802flyfish View Post
    No Scadden Warranty Service | Washington Fly Fishing

    I would advise you to stay away from any Scaden products. I've attached a link that shows plenty of people talking about his products. What's your budget?
    The flycraft are okay, but like you said, I think they are over priced.

    I've got a Dave Scaddon Dragonfly, it's extremely well built at a excellent price. I wouldn't be surprised if the negative reviews are coming from employees of his competitors. I spoken to Dave several times and he is always very helpful. I have never need any warranty service.
    So I would throughly recommend Scaddon craft and no, I'm not a employee but just a regular customer.
    He has just about the widest selection of inflatables of any manufacturer in the USA and yes, they are built in Utah
    My three man Dragonfly can be purchase for less than $2500 if you call him direct, but you might want to upgrade the oars.

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    I have one of these. Only used it once, but easy setup and weighs only 40 lbs.

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