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    Do you guys have covers for your boats? If so, did you purchase them somewhere else besides from the manufacturer (Clacka, Hyde, etc.)? Their covers are expensive and there's got to be a cheaper outfitter/website out there that sells them.


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    Try Cabelas
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    Default Re: Cover for Drift Boat

    No I don't have a cover. Bought my Lavro used and the closest dealer to me is never open. I use Macquires boat restoration kit every year and it shines up like new. You can get it out of Cabelas Marine catalog.
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    Default Re: Cover for Drift Boat


    What did you decide to do for a cover for your boat?
    I have a used Hog Island boat that has a cover but will need replacing in a year or two. The cover has a few patches and when I bought the boat a couple weeks ago the first thing I did was take the cover in for repairs. That should hold for awhile.


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    Hi Johnny,

    Try this site. They pay shipping. I have not bought anything form them.


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    Thanks guys. I just ended up getting a small discount on one from Clacka. To me it's worth it, to protect from mother nature and the road.

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