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    Default Drift boat motor mount

    Anyone make their own mount for attaching a small trolling motor?

    I was going to buy the Hyde mount, just wanted to check if anyone had done one themselves.. or if it was even needed.

    Just a small 30# or 40# Minn Kota troller for moving along the lake a little. I tried one the other day on a friends boat, worked great

    And lastly, if you have, did you buy a battery box (with fuse, etc), or just use clips from the motor right to the battery

    Thanks, Dave

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    Default Re: Drift boat motor mount


    I have a Clackacraft WF boat (fiberglass) and could not get an electric trolling motor to stay on securely attaching directly to the transom. It is too slick and the motor would slip up and off whenever we turned. We tried some sticky sandpaper tape to provide friction and this did not work either.

    We took a 5x5 piece of flat metal and welded two u shaped grooves that match the screw mounts on the motor we purchased. We drilled through the transom to mount. Ours does not extend above the transom. It sits flush with the top.

    My guess is that you will have problems with most glass boats, but I have no experience with other brands. My buddy has an aluminum Willie and mounts his directly on the transom and it stays put. If your boat is metal, give the motor a try before you buy or build a transom mount.

    As for the battery, we put in a fuse for safety. The battery is in the rowers compartment. We ran wires under the rear false floor to a quick connector. We put a quick connector on the motor as we take it off the boat during transit. We built another quick connector with exposed wires that can attach to the little jumper cables on the battery charger. This way we don't have to remove the battery from the boat. We used sticky velcro to secure the battery in place which works surprisingly well.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Drift boat motor mount

    Thanks! I'll probably just buy the mount from hyde then, better than to trust my welding skills. Nice idea on the battery placement

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    Default Re: Drift boat motor mount

    I'll be interested in hearing how the
    mount plate from Hyde works out.

    Definitely need "something,"
    on an LP Clack.

    I've got a minn kota edura,
    sort of an entry level motor
    with some spunk. Throttle notches 1-5.

    Get rolling on throttle 3 you can
    tell it's worth observing due to
    increased vibration. Go to 4
    and it's worrisome. Hit 5
    and you better be ready to
    intercept that puppy because
    it's going for a swim.

    Speaking purely from experience . . .

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    Default Re: Drift boat motor mount

    Here is what the Clacka motor mount looks like, if you decide that you will make your own. I slips over the transom and then you drill the two holes and tighten down the bolts.


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    Default Re: Drift boat motor mount

    I owned a LP Clackacraft with a rear, center mounted anchor arm that I removed whenever I ran a motor on the boat, and I just mounted my motor where the anchor had been mounted. I then used a rope cleat that I had mounted near the bow for the anchor, which wasn’t the best setup but did work. Clackacraft does offer a bow mounted anchor arm, or I could have offset the rear anchor arm enough to mount the motor on the transom together with the motor, but I never did that.

    I later got a Hyde LP pro series boat which had a larger transom than the LP Clackacraft, and now have a new Clackacraft Eddy 360 which also has a wider transom and had/have factory installed motor mounts on each of them. They both work great.

    For the relatively small cost of these factory motor mounts, and ease of installing them, I wouldn’t go to the hassle of making one myself, but that’s just me.

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