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    Thanks alot this is great it helped alot, i have ford towing truck which we use for towing a boat and as well for towing truck service near me, so we need a good tires who can give long lasting time. so helpfully these tips will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilly View Post
    For years I have carried a small tool kit when towing which included a 3/8" breaker bar and socket for changing a trailer tire. So today, in preparation for a long trip this spring, I set about replacing the tire and wheels on my trailer.

    Grabbed my handy dandy tool kit and got to work. Was shocked to find out that I wasn't able to break the lug nuts loose with my set up. Grabbed a 1/2" breaker bar (considerably longer) set up and was actually able to apply enough torque to lift the tire off the ground and the lug nuts still wouldn't break loose! Finally, dug out my star wrench and was able to break them loose.

    Proper torque for these lug nuts is 50'lbs. Whether they were over torqued at the factory or some corrosion was at work (threads looked ok though) who knows. I do know I would have been pretty frustrated to find this out on the side of the road!

    Just a heads up that maybe, with the slow fishing times upon us, it would be a good time to make sure your lug nuts are torqued properly and removable.
    I have this for those special occasions .
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    Not specifically for tires, but maybe helpful. When replacing any fluids, ALWAYS remove the fill cap first.

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