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    Default Best Way to Mount Oars to Jon Boat?

    I am in the process of turning my boat into a power-drifter type concoction. It will mainly be used for slow water floats for bass, musky, and perhaps a trout or two. I've got oars, locks, and even some UHMW oar blocks from the guy I purchased my oars from. Seeing as I have never put oars on a jon, I have no idea what to do as far as oar placement (height, distance from bow/stern, and distance from rowers seat). I also don't know what type of mounting system to use. I was planning on having a flat piece of aluminum welded to the top of the gunwales with holes in in, and then through-bolting the oar block to this, but I would love some opinions or other options.

    My boat is a 1448 Welded Mod V, I have 9ft cataraft oars, and my rowers seat is a yeti cooler. With this setup I do have the ability to move the rowers seat foreward and backwards to get the perfect position as well as add pads or lifters to change the seat height, but I am honestly not sure what the "perfect" position is. Is there any way to try the oars in different positions without doing anything permanent? Thanks for any help anyone may provide.

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    Default Re: Best Way to Mount Oars to Jon Boat?

    If you google "Mounting Oar Locks" you will get lots of info from boat builders. When I have done this in the past I used some scrap lumber to mount my oarlocks on and then c-clamped the lumber to the boat until I found a good position to row from (put the boat in the water to try it). Then I permanently mounted the oar locks when I found the best position. Depending on gunwale height to seat height you may need to move them vertically as well as horizontally. Nothing worse than having your oars hit your legs on the return stroke because you can't get the blades out of the water.


    Tim c.

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    Default Re: Best Way to Mount Oars to Jon Boat?

    I find that the best way to mount oars on most boats is paddle-side out, handle side in.

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    Default Re: Best Way to Mount Oars to Jon Boat?

    What made me cry was the cost of a good set of 'sweeps' for a drift boat. Easy to drop well over $300.00 for a set.
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