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    Default Re: Mad Cow frames and boxes

    Every raft I’ve ever rowed felt like I was rowing a barge! But, all my experience has been expedition rafting.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Re: Mad Cow frames and boxes

    Just a lurker/dreamer here but will someday
    need a raft to hit some of our streams with
    limited access. Thanks for sharing. -k-
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    Default Re: Mad Cow frames and boxes

    80% of the time we fish with two people in our 13’6 Sotar. Leaves enough room for two boat bags and a dry bag or two with all the essentials in the rear. I would hesitate in purchasing a 12’6... We float very similar waters, I float the Madison quite a bit since it’s so close. All the rivers you named are very tame, therefor I would reccomend a Sotar Strike in 13’6. The tubes are smaller and it has less rocker, perfect for tamer / windy waters. I planned on purchasing a front and rear platform, but after a season on the boat I decided against it. If your a decent caster, you’ll have no problems casting from your seat. A lot of guides get platforms in their rafts to help novice casters. It’s easier to cast from a standing position. Those casting platform aren’t light and once you add a front and rear platform, it effects the performance of the raft. The only thing I’m going to add is a 2nd rod dog holder to accommadate 4 rods. We like to float the wade section of the Madison and we like having a Nymph, dry and streamer set up.

    Montana Raft Frames customized 13’6 Sotar

    Our Westslope Edition Package is the perfect combination of two of the best products in the rafting industry. A custom tailored 13'6" Sotar SL complete with a full wraparound Liquid Lex chafe strip on top, four air chambers in the boat and one in the welded I-beam self bailing floor. Top it off with a Premier Montana Raft Frame which includes a raised front seat bar, cooler bar, foot bar, front and rear dry box bars, rear cross bar, stern section with internal anchor system, anchor rope, side rails, 8" oar towers and oar locks, two swivel Tempress seats, a lo back rowing seat, a 36"x16"x16" aluminum dry box and a beautiful powdercoat finish on the frame. We throw in a set of 9ft Sawyer Squaretop Shoal cut oars as well. This boat has been the go to for us at the MRF shop, whether it is a day trip fishing the Blackfoot with kids and labradors, a weeklong Smith Trip with the family or a whitewater day on the Gorge. With a 36" inside width, and 20" tubes diminishing to 15" in front and rear, this boat has all the internal space you will need. The Westslope does not come with thwarts but they can be added for an addtional $200. This is the lightest, most agile boat and frame setup on the market. If nothing but the best will do, the Westslope Edition is for you.

    Sotar Strike 13’6

    The Sotar Strike is our ultimate fishing boat we have been custom building for John Herzer with Blackfoot River Outfitters since 1984. It has evolved over the years from our SS model raft which was designed with the fisherman in mind. Strikes come standard with two air chambers in the main outside tube, a welded I beam floor, standard 10 outside d-rings and 6 carry handles, patch kit and boat bag. Top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings and other options are available on request. All SOTAR Inflatables are designed and manufactured one at a time. No other Inflatables are made with such personal care and attention.

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    Default Re: Mad Cow frames and boxes

    There's a great product out there for fishermen that I wanted to make people aware of- I have it on my Sotar fishing Cataraft. It's a MUCH better way to set your anchor rope than the NRS style opposing cam type stolen from the sailing industry. It's called a Leelock. If you're building a frame, it's worth sourcing one- makes life a lot easier. Setting the anchor is as easy as dropping the rope. Retrieving it? Just start pulling.

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    By the time you buy everything, you'll be in the same price range as a skiff. If you aren't doing any white water, why are you interested in a raft?

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    Hey 802 one other thing that maybe you do or don't know is that mad cow is IAGB certified so if you ever do the smith you are bear compliant. Not everyone has caught onto certified bear containers but as time goes on more and more will be I'm sure. Nice to have equipment that is ready to go from that stand point. Would be a pretty tough look if you showed up and got turned away because your dry box wasn't certified and you had to buy another one. Just a thought.

    I don't own mad cow but know people who do and they are bullet proof. Good purchase, spend the money and get the best, you'll seldom regret it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 802flyfish View Post
    By the time you buy everything, you'll be in the same price range as a skiff. If you aren't doing any white water, why are you interested in a raft?
    I was going to reply to the questions and observations but this made me certain it wasn't worth it. Pitching a raft and frame like you're an early investor then a post later questioning why someone would buy a raft--doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I'm slow and missed something, but I'll reply with good sense when others start making some.

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