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Thread: Chine dings

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    I have a couple of dings in my chines and I am trying to decide if I should do some spot repairs. For the other fiberglass boat owners. Do you repair your chine dings or just leave them and wait until it is time to have the bottom refinished. If you repair them what do you use? MarineTex? Or other product?

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    Repairing grp has to been done carefully with the correct materials, a visit to a West Marine store is a good idea. They have plenty of free literature and the materials to repair. Make sure the boat has been out the water for some time before the repairs are done particularly when tackling the bottom.
    I personally would not own a grp drift boat because oh the ease they crack especially on a rock or even gravel. Iíve owned lots of grp sailboats and their not so much of a problem because I keep away from rocks, or try toChine dings

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    If you have no damage to the fiberglass, just dings, you can use gel coat or MarineTex. West Marine and Tap Plastics have videos on youtube on how to mix and repair gel coat. As stated previously, gel coat does need to be mixed properly for it to cure hard. If the repairs are on anything with color, you can match colors accurately with gel coat.

    I had several areas on my boat on the chines that needed repairs and I ultimately went with MarineTex. Easy to mix and apply. The downside is that over time it will yellow a bit but I don't really care about that. The repairs were all on areas that are white. I agonized over this for a while and ultimately went with MarineTex as it is simply an easier process and I did not need any fiberglass repairs.

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    Iíve owned several fiberglass boats. All were used in salt water. Oyster bar dings are a way of life. MarineTex is very easy to use and I would use this product unless you specifically wish to match the gelcoat color.

    If the dings are into the fiberglass, I would buy a fiberglass/gelcoat repair kit from West Marine or similar store. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials. The repair process is not as intimidating as people make it out to be. Be sure to buy a sanding block and 200, 400, 1000 grit wet sand paper for a quality final product. I place masking tape around the repair and sand to the existing gelcoat finish.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think I will go with marinetex.

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