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    I am going to try my hand at building a drift boat has anyone used or built a RIVER DANCER JR

    Is it OK?

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    take a hard look at the offerings from sea eagle. they have a variety of rigid inflatables that are absolutely stellar boats for fishing in all sorts of conditions from stillwaters to whitewater to saltwater...paddling, rowing, sailing, or electric, or gas-powered motor.

    you can read a review of the 380x and 420x sea eagle explorer expedition kayaks on my fly fishing blog, UPSTREAM.

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    For $209 you can buy a brand new sevylor HF360 raft. Right now for 299 you can buy a sea eagle 9 starter kit. Not sure what shipping will cost but heres the link

    remember You don't want to have a floorboard in the boat if your river fishing and going to be going over any class 2 or 3 rapids. At least that is what I have been told.

    Also Here is a Link to a review on inflatables.


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    What Arf said "Check out a good canoe. We do alot of river fishing from one and have went into some small rapids and over very small waterfalls in them. You can get a sqaure stern for a trolling motor or get a side mount for one. They arent as stabile as a raft or drift boat, but a wide bottom model is pretty stabil.
    I have fished and even shot ducks out of one all my life.

    I agree and wonder why it is not being considered?

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    Thanks for all the input it is appreciated.

    We do not see many good canoes, I have never seen one for sale with a square stern, I guess our market is just to small. What some guy do is modify a fibreglass "indian" canoe and fit a trolling motor on the side of it.



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    Thank you, we do get the Inflatable Boats here, though I have never seen one go down a rapid.

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    This is mine, and it does it all....and fits in my Grand Vitara!

    Dave Scadden Outlaw X5 Video izle

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    Hey Craig, just picked up on this, and being a South African who has fished the Vaal a lot I felt the need to comment... I think the vessel that would best suit you is dependent on what the areas you would be fishing the most. The sit-on-top kayaks are good cos they are durable and light for the times when you would need to carry it back to the top of the rapids. I fished for a long time on the vaal using a paddle-ski, which, tho not ideal was effective... I do think the absolute ideal for that river is a hard shell pontoon boat with a trolling motor for the deeper sections and durability through the rapids and bumping rocks... I don't know where to find them in SA tho...

    Anyway, good luck with it and have fun... I miss that river!

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    Hi Craig,
    Knowing a bit about south africa I would like to pose a fourth option
    Have you considered a smaller (less than 14 ft) pontoon boat these boats are all metal so they are tough.they ride high in the water and can easily be maneuvered with a trolling motor to give you access to banks inlestts grass islands etc. But should keep you comfortably above any ...less than friendly wildlife.the front of a pontoon boat makes a great casting platform aslong as you don't plan on taking it over any rapids or big rocks I think it could be your best bet. I have seen one that had a four trolling motor system that worked like the thrusters on a satellite all controlled by a single foot pad.just food for thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigK View Post
    Thank you, we do get the pontoon boats here, though I have never seen one go down a rapid.


    Trust me on this one. 'Tubes' are highly maneuverable with a bit of practice on the oars (like any other boat). The 'up side' is they weigh a heck of a lot less than a drift boat, the 'down side' is you'd better have a 12 volt electric air pump to inflate the things.

    Probability of you puncturing a tube is almost zero and most now have multiple air chambers so a 'hole' will be a pain where you sit but the repair can be done in a few minutes on the beach. Bring a hand pump to re-inflate. With fiber glass, or Alli, to put a hole in that, you'd have get damned creative.


    Edit: Forgot to add, with Pt's I don't recommend you use wading boots with 'studs.' Will really scuff up the bottom 'PDQ.' Waaaay back in the day the 'rafts' we used were military surplus life rafts, clunky but every one had a paddle and off we'd go.
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