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  1. Default Drift Boat : Motor or not ?

    Good day to All,

    I had put a discussion thread up for comments a while back concerning drift boats. ( do you have one, etc. )

    My question now is if you have one, or you are thinking of getting one, like me, do you have a motor on yours ?

    If you do have one & do not have a motor on it why not ?

    I am hoping to buy mine in the next year or so after my last of three daughters finishes college. I have seen many around while out in the rivers in my area & have seen both methods. I more than likely will buy a motor for mine.

    Secondly, if you do have a motor, is it the normal prop, or is it one of those newer propulsion type without a prop attached ? I'm curious to hear from any of you.

    Always in the water,

    Tie One On

  2. Default Re: Drift Boat : Motor or not ?

    In the area that I do most of my fishing, in an around Island Park and Yellowstone, I never see any motors. I would think this is due to the shallow rocky rivers and such. I am not sure if there is any government controls or not, but motors here are not at all practical or seen. That is why in your previous thread it was stated that quite often the guy who owns the boat does most all the work (rowing). Also my personal experience has been that some of my best fishing is done while the boat is being rowed especially in swift current or small white water.

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    Default Re: Drift Boat : Motor or not ?

    im a wader fisherman and the river i fish in is deep in areas and not deep in others, as to i dont know how they get by the shallow areas. but any way, in a river where some guy is going up and down by me, roaring all the way full throttle every time, it bugs the heck out of me.. i didnt go out on my day off to hear his motor roar in my ears.. they are not illegal. i really doubt it gives anyone any extra fish in this size if water anyway... if its big water i dont see a problem with them where the boats can get around fishermen with no wake or excessive noise.. .. .. i just wanted you to be aware, that in some rivers everyone wont be thrilled with your new motor... just another view... dave....

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    Default Re: Drift Boat : Motor or not ?

    Kicker motors are used on some rivers where allowed.

    On the South Fork of the Snake below Palisades they are used by some to get down stream ahead of the others. Generally not strong enough to push a drift boat against the current to go back up stream much.

    Also a good idea to have some kind of a prop guard for rocky bottom rivers, props are getting pricey now days, replaced mine last Fall and the darn thing cost like $78.oo

    Also makes it easier to jump from spot to spot on bigger lakes.

    Word of caution, On my clacka they warn not to go any larger than a 5 h.p..

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