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    Default Re: 2019 Driftless Pictures and Reports

    Also made it to the Driftless Angler. It was much smaller than I anticipated but was cool to visit and spend some money.

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    Default Re: 2019 Driftless Pictures and Reports

    Here is a Driftless report of sorts....

    Sorry but no pictures. Life has been real busy with flood fighting and my part time job that morphed into full-time + OT every week. When I had a half day off all I could do was access the southern most streams of the region. A blown out muddy mess, much like 2018. I'm weary of it. Honestly I had put trout fishing on the back burner and just made the best of it chasing a few crappie on the lake now and then. I can only get so excited throwing black buggers and such so that's all there really was.

    Steve "The unknownflyman" has invited me up to fish the farthest reaches of the northern Driftless over the years. I accepted the invitation and we fished today. I knew I would be rusty and I was for sure. Sadly, I haven't cast a fly rod since last fall. First time I have dry fly fished a trout river. I've caught exactly zero trout on dry flies ever. Hatches on my local water are about non-existent. Not impossible, but it's a low percentage play.

    2019 got better today. Thanks for being such a good host today Steve. I had little spare time to even properly prepare for a fishing day, and you filled in the important shortcomings. I don't get to fish for wild browns or brookies often. Catching some on dries today was a first. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the hospitality. I have been on enough Driftless adventures to know that we get overly concerned when our forum guests struggle. I surely did at first. The grass is getting tall already lol. Our concern is a compliment to all of us I suppose, but we are friends, not paid guides. Thanks for sharing a successful day on your water. I know good water when I see it. I also know a skilled fly fisherman and teacher when I spend the day with one.

    Thank you very much.


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