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coldbrook 02-23-2011 08:30 PM

anyone ever fished in the Kenauk reserve (Montebello area) ?
is the fishing too easy? how would you rate it?
float tube, or shore wading?
what are the rivers like, if any? any wild trout to be had?
sinking or floating lines in the lakes?


legrand 05-20-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Kenauk
I see you never had any replies to your post.

I just joined the Forum.

I just came back from a 4 day stay in Kenauk, Montebello.

Our Club the "Ottawa Flyfishers Society (OFS)" arranges for its members reservation of usually three Chalets (i.e. cottages) in the Spring and in the Fall during the establishment's off-season. Each Chalet is on a particular lake and no one else can use that lake when it the single lake Chalet are rented.

We were in the Muskrat chalet which is alongside a river (one of the only Chalets' on a river), but we had Collins lake dedicated to us.

We all fished with float-tubes, sine the lakes are relatively small and well stocked. We practice catch and release at 99.999%. After our stay we only bring one or two fish each (for those who wish) and these are fish that were bleeding (even if we use "barbless" hooks).

This time, although we were ready for any hatch that might come up, we fished with floating line with sinking tips. Caught on average 20 - 50 fish per day. Brookies of 12" to 18" easily, with some few stockers of 8".

Other lakes have rainbows, and some of the members fished with sinking lines.

Grey ghost flies in the #12 #10 hook size was very good.

Great place.

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