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odi3 08-14-2006 12:13 PM

Sarnia/St Clair River?
Just wondering if anyone fly fishes around Sarnia Ontario or on the ST clair river?

How do you fish deep places with 5 wt floating line? do you use a wet fly then pull it along or continue using dry flies?

Any specific patterns? I usually just use either wooly bugger or something that looks like a mosquito.

If fish arent rising, do you switch to wet flies?

Thanks in advance,


Piscator 08-14-2006 01:29 PM

Re: Sarnia/St Clair River?
Can't say I've fished your area before but here is some info that may or may not help.

Not sure if any of these fly fishing clubs are close by but you would know the area better than I.

If you like to use dry flies tie on a dropper of a beadhead nymph and you should increase your odds at a take. Use beadhead nymphs such as pheasant tail or hairs ear nymphs. Try also wooly buggers, clousers or a decievers pattern as well. You may need using lead shot to weight your line down in order to get deep. If none of this gets you to the depth you are looking for I would suggest that you look into investing a sink tip system or sinktip line, such as, the ones Cortland or Orvis provides. Of course, once you start using some sort of weighted lines casting can become more cumbersome.

If your having luck with a mosquito pattens, you might try tying on a dropper of a zebra midge or disco midge.

I hope this helps.

Sarnia Fly Guy 10-18-2007 11:27 AM

Re: Sarnia/St Clair River?
There are a number of guys who fish the Sarnia / St Clair river area with great success. Some guys fish for pike, bass, walleye (pickerel). Myself, I fish only for steelhead which are available 12 months of the year on the fly. As you may already know, we are blessed with some of the best steelhead anywhere. Good numbers of quality fish.

burk48237 10-20-2007 10:55 AM

Re: Sarnia/St Clair River?
I have a friend who bank fishes in the spring with 300 grain heads and deceivers and catches big walleye and Brown Trout at night walking the bank. But for the most part the St. Claire River is designed to not be a good fly fishing river. It's deep, very strong current, and the bank drops right off which discourages wading. On that kind of water, you have to look for situations when the fish are chasing food on top which does happen occasionally in the spring. Another opportunity are the boat canals in spring for pike, panfish and bass. And the channels and bays in the St. Claire flats provide exceptional flyfishing well into June. I use to wade the American side of Lake Huron for Salmon early and Carp later just above the bridge near the lighthouse.

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