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kreid 10-10-2011 03:47 AM

visitor from scotland....carleton place
Hello , I am new on this forum but active on the UK one! I was advised to ask here for some info. basically, next year, we are moving as a family to near Carleton Place / Lake Missisippi for 6 months, april - oct approx. Have found out about some carp and pike fishing but hope to take some fly gear as well....but what? I am happy to fish for any species with any method. Wondered what there might be locally ...and i can see that locally in Canada is a whole lot different from locally here! My Canadian geography is limited but improving!
Thanks in advance for any info, I will check the local tackle shops when I arrive, but I would also like to hit the water casting!Meantime anyone wanting info on UK or visiting Scotland I am happy to share info about this. Keith.

gatortransplant 10-10-2011 10:05 AM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
Welcome Keith! While I can't help you with regard to your questions, I'm sure a number of people will be able to weigh in with some great answers!

fredaevans 10-10-2011 11:30 AM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
Welcome Aboard Keith .... something to wet your appetite:

For Jollies put in carleton place and carleton place+fishing into Google, got lots of hits (including a local tackle store:clap:). Another good source for info is the local Chamber of Commerce. Almost every town has one and I've found them to be a wealth of info for folks coming into an area.


jpbfly 10-10-2011 02:53 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
:welcomean Keith...sorry I can't help you but:secret:hope you're glad we could beat the English in the rugby world cup last saturday:D

Guest1 10-10-2011 04:24 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
I have pretty much the same type of waters here. Defininately the same fish. I can help you with all of it. The Pike fishing stuff, if you have not already done it, you will be able to take it back home with you. There are big Pike there. Where you are going is pretty close to Ottowa and a bit more than a 2 hour drive from Montreal. You should be able to find a fly shop in at least one of them. Do you tie flies? If you do, and bring your vice and a few tools I can give you the patterns I use for Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye and Pike. If you do some research, you may be able to get into some Lake Trout. They have them in the lake. You can get by with a rod in the 5 or 6 wt. zone and one in the 8 to 10 wt. zone. A 6 and a 10 ideally. A floating Pike taper on the 10 and a floating line on the 6 and maybe an intermediate for the 6 also but you can get by without it. Also, what to fish for changes as the spring and summer go by. Unfortunately for you, they have a season that is closed for Pike, Walleye and Bass till the second Sat. in May. You may be able to target the bigger Pike shallow right away at opening day, but Smallmouth may be the better target. It depends on the weather. Also if you have a access to a boat it may help your options also. If it's a cold spring go for the Pike. Get back to me with the stuff I asked about and we can go on from there.

Oh and welcome to the forum. :welcomean

kreid 10-10-2011 06:14 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
thanks for those replies, i will have a look on youtube. I already do pike / fly over here so here's hoping. Never seen a smallmouth bass! Looking forward to catching one!K.

fredaevans 10-10-2011 07:05 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
Oooooo, with a 6-7 weight rod and a top water 'Popper.' NERVANNNNNNNA! :clap:

Buggers just slam the thing.

kreid 10-12-2011 01:47 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
grrrr, I have all winter to wait. Used to be great winter grayling fishing here but the last 2 years the black death had wiped out most of the river grayling. ...:mad:

kreid 10-13-2011 01:06 PM

Re: visitor from scotland....carleton place
thats a great vid....bigmouth (?) bass and a silver scaley fish that looks like what we call chub? Looks a really nice river as well....

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