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  1. Default Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?


    I have a few big ponds stocked with rainbow and speckled troutin the Eastern Townships. They are anywhere from 10-13" at this point. I figure a pound at most (for now anyway) They spook easy, and seem to only eat the insects. They rise all over the ponds in the early morning and evenings. There's plenty of room to cast. So..... I'm switching from spin gear to fly gear.

    What is a good mid-range reel, rod, line, flies etc for my needs?

    I'd like to have gear that can handle up to maybe 2.5 pounds fish though if possible.
    And if it could work in a river situation as well, that would be cool.

    I can buy locally or online, so any suggestions are welcome.


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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    Personally I love light rods but a 9' 4wt or 5wt rod is a good place to start for trout. If you have a local shop talk to the folks there to see what they have in your budget. They might offer deals on a rod, reel, and line combo and you might be able to get a lesson.

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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    I am a West Coast guy, but I think that a 9 foot 4 or 5 weight would be a good fit. Like William, I recommend talking with your local shop.


  4. Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    Thanks for the comments.

    I would love to hear some specific brands for all the gear if possible.

    The local store tends to try to unload whatever they have left towards the end of the season, so they aren't always suggesting what they should.

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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    I would recommend a nice combo. Whats your price range? Fly gear goes from cheap to infinity. I recently bought a reel from LL bean. Great reel and didn't break the bank. There are some combos on the link provided. There are all kinds of good combos through cabela's or other outfitters. I like a lighter rod around 8 1/2 ft. The above posts are on the money with a 9 footer to in the 4 or 5 weight.

    Also depends on what you think about American versus imported gear.

    Fly-Fishing Outfits: Fishing Gear | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean

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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    Price range would definitely help folks give recommendations.

    If your budget is limited, Cabelas offers combos a number of which are under 100. I think my first rod was the Three Forks / Prestige Plus combo in 6wt. It worked just fine for me.

    For 200+ Orvis has their Streamline, Clearwater, and Access rod, reel, and line combos that range from 225 - 525. I've fished an Access 8wt and really like it. Talked to folks who really like the Clearwater, but haven't heard anything about the Streamline, I think it's newer. Orvis customer service is great. Of course, if money is not an object, their Helios combo is only 1,200...

  7. Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    Sorry about that.
    I was thinking in the $500 range for a combo.
    I don't have preference for local or foreign made.

    So I think the cosensus was 9 ft rod with 4 or 5 weight.
    What type of reel would go nicely?
    Also what line should I use?
    And any good dry fly suggestions for this scenario?

    Thanks all!

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    Orvis has that Access combo package for $540.
    But the rod is 8"6
    You think it needs to be 9" for the big pond scenario?
    Also, what pound test for the 1 pound avg I've got?


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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    My buddy just picked up that Access combo and really likes it.

    As far as the length is concerned, I don't think you'll miss the 6 inches if you get the 8'6". You will however notice it if you start using it in large streams and smaller rivers. Can turn out to be a real pain in the butt nymphing and mending line.

    I'd consider the 5 wt as you can use it for chucking streamers at bass without issues like I do. 4 wt will give you a better presentation with smaller flies though.

    The possibilities are endless I guess....that's why most of us here have more fly rods than fingers on one hand.

    Good luck with the search.

  9. Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    Interesting, so that 4" difference can cause problems in the rivers with controlling presentation.
    Tough one.
    As a first rod, I think it's probably a safe combo for the pond fishing.


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    Default Re: Trout Fly Gear Suggestions?

    If this is your first fly fishing combo, I suggest 7 weight rod and most definitely a 9 foot rod.

    Do not believe the myth that a stronger rod does not present a fly as delicately as a lighter rod.

    I fish with size 22 to 26 ants on still water lakes for large brook trout near the end of the summer with no problem using my 7 weight rod. The trick is to use a longer finer leader and tippet. I make my own leaders using the Ritz method and tippets between 3/4 lb to 2 lb depending on the size of the fly. The average length of the leader is about 14 feet. With this combination, I can cast to large brookies that are sipping tiny flies way out in the middle of the lake and I don't have to be within 30 or 40 feet to get them. These trout are really easy to spook. I paddle silently out over the lake and when I see a tiny disturbance at the surface of the lake, I ease over very silently and cast where I think the fish will resurface. It's best to wait to see with direction and at what distance between disturbances to indicate where I will place my tiny fly. I did use size 28 fly but no need to go that small. Size 24 is about the smallest I use now. Tiny ants are my favourite flies to use. However, I do have tiny mayflies dry and spent.

    The presentation depends on the leader and how you cast your line.

    Sure, if I was only going to fish small rivers and ponds the size of a big front yard, I would use a 4 or 5 weight outfit but if you want an outfit that is more versatile....get a 7 weight. Make your own leaders. My 15 foot leaders turn over in my living room with just my arm and my fingers gripping the large end of the leader.

    5 weight rods.....all of my buddies have them and they get frustrated when they see the results I get using a 7 weight when there is a slight wind, or using a size 8 muddler minnow or when the trout always seem to rise just a bit too far for a 5 weight rod.

    Short rods are ok but I prefer a longer rod. I don't have to stand up in my canoe to fish with a longer rod. While sitting in my canoe or boat, I have a much lower profile while in the meantime, my fly line is further off the water or the rocks and bushes behind me. I also get longer roll casts with a longer rod.

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