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    for a few years I tried to fish the mooneye around June 21 when the sun was up a looong time. Lately it seem I have been too busy, and I do miss it.
    Glad that the Kiwi at least experienced some Canadian hospitality and fishing. Glad you were able to get over there and provide a good outing.
    I was thinking of getting up to Fergus this weekend (again too much to do), but also was wondering if the river would still be high from the storms last Monday. Toronto water is still cloudy.

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    Hi Greg, yes we are now home but thanks for the offer, we got up to Fergus and Elora for a look, marvellous bit of countryside. Not fishing but looked good, I did the zipwire across the gorge.
    kingjoe, thanks again for your time on the river, very appreciated was great to catch a species we cant get over here. Like I said if you are ever over here I would like to repay the favor.
    Thanks again to all who have offered advice.

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    Hey Linz
    No problem, it was my pleasure. I am only sorry that the river conditions (turbid) made it a difficult venture. That said, glad you were able to bring in a monster at the end of the evening!!!

    Hey, the following friday....I made it out to that other location I was telling you about on the Maitland River. Basically, had the river to myself and water conditions were great. Was running my switch rod and landed...LANDED 40 smallmouth bass, with the biggest about 4 pounds, in about 4-5 hours (hooked much more). Also landed a white sucker and a carp (~6 pounds).

    Hopefully, I'll get the chance to take you up on your offer.

    Talk soon.

    King Joe Outa Here!

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