So, with basically the end of spring steelhead on my rivers here on the Canadian side of the Lake Huron (they are still 'there', just to far out to cast to with any fly tackle)....its time for mooneye fishing on the Grand River.

If you remember, last year....I met with a forum member from New Zealand on the river and he caught his first Mooneye.

Normally, by this for these little guys (Ontario record is 16") would be pretty much done as warm water makes fighting them lethal (to the fish, not me). BUT, because of the prolonged, cool spring....things should be likewise prolonged...water-temp wise.

Heading out tonite for my first recon mission. Had a bit of rain last night but nothing that should colour the water or raise levels. It is looking like it will be good.

As I mentioned in the "What have you been tying?" post, seeing all the chronnies people have been me excited to return to my roots (that is what I used all the time for bows, grayling and whitefish while in BC). As such, last night tied a handful of chronnies...and some foam beetles and will doing the hopper-dropper (beetle-dropper) tonite in lieu of my usual caddis fly dry.

Funny thing has been a while since I tied tiny (12's and 14's)...tiny compare to steelhead nymphs (I used to tie and fish down to 20's).....and WOW, these old eyes ain't what they used to be. Still, it was fun (and dang easy) tying these and twinged the 'nostalgia' side of my fish brain.

So, a couple things....IF I figure out the pic thing (I'll try again)...I'll submit fly pics in the "what have you been tying?"...and a fish pic or two here with my update.

Talk soon

King Joe, Outa Here!