A few friends and myself have booked a trip through Labrador Air Safari, which is a fly in trip to a brook trout lac in Northern Quebec - Lac Berte. We will have 5 days on the Lac chasing brookies which we are excited about.

We will be taking the ferry from matane to Baie Comeau and we thinking of trying the Matane River. The probable dates of fishing in Matane would be June 25-26. I know this is in the kill season (we practice c&r) so things will likely be busy. I was wondering since this is such a big river are there any recommendations on what sections would be nice to fish. There will be 6 of us so we need a section of the river with a few pools close by.

Also if anyone has done the Lac Berte trip I would be interested to hear about that. Last year I had the chance to fish the York river and drew Spruin Rock and Offie Pool, I know Matane will be nothing like this but I can always dream of the same catch rate. Is the river clear like the York?