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    Default High water levels

    Since the start of trout season in late April in my area, the water level of most streams has been very high. Plenty of rain this spring has kept the levels higher than normal. On my home water, the river was higher by almost 2 feet last week from the week before. Enough that I could feel the gravel being swept from under my feet at one point. Scary How are things in your neck of the woods?

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    Default Re: High water levels

    The streams I've been to are low and clear. No rain in sight for a good while.

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    Default Re: High water levels

    glassroddr: Same here, streams are all at the high water mark due to spring run off and daily doses of afternoon thunderstorms.


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    Will be interesting to see what happens this year with the water levels as the season quickly approaches.

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    I have been feeling the gravel being eroded from under my feet for a long time, no worries mate. When I lived in Pennsylvania I always welcomed high water in spring. It seemed that the increased flows kept the number of fish caught by those anglers who would be keeping fish down.

    The pre season stocking of waters, even those that held a population of wild fish ensured an inordinate number of fishermen during the first two weeks or so. This often resulted in many fine wild and holdover fish being removed rather than being released. The high water conditions helped to keep the harvest down thus providing better fishing through the balance of the season. At least it seemed this way to me. As April gave way to May many people loose the opening day vigor that drives them for those first three weekends or so.

    Better days are coming,


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